Sunday, November 15, 2009

52-12 update

So just penning down my thoughts/updates for my 52-12 challenge. Basically i'm going to try and write a poem a week and a short story a month. So far i've two poems which i've gotten good feedback and only need minor adjustments. I penned my third poem yesterday, which needs a complete overhaul - shouldn't have written it at 12 at night i suppose lol.

My short story needs a complete rework as well, as it reads as more of a plan than an actually draft so i really need to get myself in gear.

I find reworking/rewritingvery difficult when its on such a huge scale (for both poem and short story) - and although the critiques on both (which were amazing and so helpful and much appreciated) were completely right - its terrible to feel you're not making progress?

I guess it makes me feel that i'm still the kid in the back of the class who doesn't know the answer? Its stupid even thinking/feeling this way, as the entire point of 52-12 is to get critiques and work from them! I guess i'm just not happy with my own work/progress.

Sometimes i wonder, especially in regards to poetry - should it really require so much work if i'm truly meant to be a writer/poet? am i forcing something?

Did Yeats, Kavanagh and Keats struggle like this?


Jenna said...

A poem a week and a short story a month sounds good. I might nab that goal from you and take it as my own once December hits. :)

Reworking and rewriting is always tough, no matter how small or how big the project. But don't think of it as not making progress--every setback you encounter is something that you work through to make your writing great. And that, friend, is progress. ;)

My philosophy is that if you love writing, then you are meant to be a writer. It doesn't matter level of skill--that comes with time and practice. What truly matters is how much you are willing to put into your craft to develop that skill and nurture that talent. Don't ever feel as if you're not meant to write--I know you love it, and I know you're meant to do it. :)

I'm sure every writer in the history of writing has struggled at one point or another. Don't let it get you down. ;)

annerallen said...

Three poems and a story is great! Revel in your creative streak. My feeling is that trying to control creativity can backfire. Sometimes we're all right brain--full of wild images and characters that don't seem to fit anywhere. We just need to get the stuff written down. Other times, we're all left-brain editor-person. The trick is to listen to your muse. If you're on a creative roll--create! Edit later--when it feels right. That's a major advantage of being at the beginning of your writing career: you don't have to answer to anybody but your own muse and you don't have to force anything until it's ready.

annerallen said...

I forgot to say--congrats on the one-year anniversary!

I've got a new blogpost about a new category of fiction: "New Adult" You may be writing it as we speak.

Emily Cross said...

Jenna - feel free! you can use my little logo if you want too (its in the challenges section of this blog) :)

Thanks for the advice i really appreciate the encouragement, especially in regards to progress! You've made me feel much better!

Anne - i'll definitely check out your post and thanks for your wise words. they make a lot of sense to me, maybe your right, maybe i should just go made into creating while the juices are flowing. Thanks :)

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