Thursday, November 12, 2009

Excellent Posts to Read

While wondering around the blogosphere i came across some very interesting posts, first by Harriet Evans of the Guardian - Don't Patronise Popular Fiction by women . Harriet poses some interesting questions about reading trends, and how - although women are the biggest group who buys and reads book - books written by women are labelled and often judged as 'chicklit' or sort of like Jane Austen (i'm guilty of doing this myself). Definitely give this a read.

Similarly The Rejectionist does a book review of 'Shiver' - a book on my TBR list, and addresses bigger issue which currently faces paranormal YA writing - Misogynistic writing.

Although i read these books and have enjoyed Twilight, i highly recommend people read this post - it has been something which has been brewing in the back of my mind since i read Breaking Dawn.

But our dislike of Shiver served only to remind us of a certain displeasure we have been feeling lately with young adult fiction in general and YA aimed at teenage girls in particular; namely, the Enfeebled Heroine.
There is a particularly misogynist school of romance critique which we are not interested in espousing. . . What we are heartily sick of, however, are feeble and inept teenage-girl main characters, whose lives come into focus only through the addition of some melodramatic attraction to a charismatic male figure who seems to carry all the personality in the relationship.

So all we can say is: KNOCK IT OFF. Knock off buying this shit, and knock off cranking it out. It is tough enough being a lady in this world, Author-friends, without having it hammered into our goddamn heads that we're STILL supposed to sit tight, shut up, and look pretty. We are NOT HAVING IT. If anybody around here gets to be a werewolf, it's gonna be US. And we will eat you right up, believe it.


Clare C. Greenstreet said...

So agree about the trend in YA novels at the moment.

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