Monday, November 23, 2009

Gift for writers/readers

Maybe i'm a little late to the party but i just discovered Levenger through Lynn Viehl's blog post- which is like Nirvana for readers/writers!

So here are some favs of mine (people take note ;) ) -

For those writers (like me) who live in their PJs, like to stay in bed as long as possible and have probably become infertile due to letting their laptop live on their lap

For those not afraid to show the world they are a bookworm? who says you need a 'normal' bag. Afterall, ladies/lads pencil cases are soooo last century!!

For those of us who are short, who says you can't reach those tall shelves in your Neil Gaiman like Library? Pish Posh - do it in style no more standing on my princess ann antique chairs then lol.

Wait now! whats a special library step without bookcases. For those of us who like our things to spin - the carousel revolving bookcases (no plastic ponies included -sadly) and then for those of us who have box festishes, book boxes

Would you like your own light for those dark nights - look no further than this beautiful clip on lamp, which reminds of us of a certain homicidal machine in a certain halloween episode of the simpsons. Brownie points to those who guess!

and of course where would we be without the leather recliner!

Happy Shopping :)

Oh any other nice things/places that you'd recommend - drop a note in comments


Diana Paz said...

Oh nice... I'm all about staying in jammies and writing the day of away! And I need a desk lamp, but Brownie points will have to go to someone else. I giggle like a ten year old watching the Simpsons, especially those Halloween specials, but I can't remember which one had a desk lamp come to life!

B.J. Anderson said...

Nice list! Thanks for the ideas. Gah! Is it really so close to Christmas?!

Clare C. Greenstreet said...

wow, that's my Christmas list sorted!

Emily Cross said...

Diana - i'm the same. well actually the lamp reminded me of the 'eye' of the evil house machine which pierce brosnan voiced. :)

BJ - stop, hard to believe its less than 5 weeks away!

Clare - glad i could help :)

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