Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Muse and Graduation

So Nov 6th came around - MUSE were amazing as always!

Granted got slightly crushed by aran jumper wearing cider smelling galway girl and friends, but stangely got some help - not from a prince on a white steed - but a scanger in white tracksuit. But probably best not to judge my helper, especially when it saves you from having your ribs broken against a steel barrier.

Anyhoo, fun was had and new tour tshirt was bought! Muse even played 'unintended' for us old fans, sad that no one but myself and my friend knew the words. . .

So onto Monday, twas graduation. Got my award and piece of paper.

Lots of fun was had afterwards, headed to Dicey's and then of course onto that fine 'classy' establishment that is Copper faced Jacks!

Shall go now and work on proposal - fun fun fun

Heres some Muse to eep you going :)


Diana Paz said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That's huge, I'm glad you got to celebrate so nicely :)

Lucy ☮ said...

That's what Paramore's gonna be like. All these try-hards singing Decode then Paramore start playing 'All We Know' and everyone falls silent but me.

Muse sounds like funnnnn, some of my friends went. Congrats on Graduation. (:

Clare C. Greenstreet said...

Glad you had a great time at Muse!

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