Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is why i love them . . .

Muse take the piss on an Italien TV show because they were asked to mime. Muse absolutely HATE to mime and have done similar stuff before, e.g. when newborn was released matt did a bit of dancing during his 'piano' part lol.

anyhoo this is sooo funny i had to share :)

Just let non muse people know they have on switched places - the lead singer is 'playing' the drums with the bass playing the piano and the drummer being 'lead singer' lol

even if your not a muse fan have a look!


Diana Paz said...

I have to love a band that would pull such a great stunt. The interviewer lady looked confused about the whole drummer situation at the end lol.

Anyway, I came over to tell you about the award I have for you on my blog, but you beat me to it and already commented :) You are such a good follower, thank you!!

shix said...

Lol. Good to see a band that don't take themselves too seriously.

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