Saturday, December 5, 2009

Completely Psyched!

So a little play of words.

My psychology tutorials have been going really well so far and i've gotten some good feedback from my students (aw 'my' students lol). On top of this i got an email a few days ago from the lecturer and course director of the course, asking for me to cover her lectures as well (due to family issues)!

I'm absolutely thrilled, and terrified lol!

I'll presenting the rest of course to about 3-350 students and doing the tutorials.

So its going to be a busy few weeks till Christmas but i'm psyched anyhoo lol.


TheBeautyFile said...

I just saw your comment at Jonas Wunderman....I guest blog for Tina, her blog is:

She has a few others as well:

Next Page {inspiration journals}-

Lily & the Muse {inspiring videos}-


Emily Cross said...


Thanks! Checking them out now :)

Diana Paz said...

Oh wow, that's so fantastic! "Your" students, you sound so official!

Emily Cross said...

Diana, i even wear a suit!!! Hahaha aw no runners/cargo trousers for me lol

Danyelle said...

Squeee! I'm so happy for you. :) It sounds like you are doing an incredible job. *happiness and terrified cookies*

Good luck with your course as well as the guest lecturing!

Emily Cross said...

thanks Danyelle!

This is my 'dreamdayjob' come true (for a few weeks anyhoo)

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