Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Decluttering for the New Year

I know that i should be going on about my resolutions for the year, but i'm not because they are the same as last years (and remain incomplete) - feel free to click the label 'resolutions', for the thrilling read ;)

Cluttered mind = cluttered space

I've heard this saying a thousand times during my life, lets just say i'm not 'neat' and leave it at that, shall we?

So, instead of making more lists of things that shall never be done - i've decided to declutter my virtual space.

Be gone Twitter

Be gone Facebook

Soon to be gone fanfiction accounts (which have been plagarised till the cows come home - aw the irony!)

Soon to be gone 'psych student' blog, which never got started but looks so pretty (i had such great ideas for this one, but i don't have the time to maintain her, aw well).

and of course Adieu 2009, you haven't been that bad of a year (for me)

See you all in 2010!


Amanda said...

Wow. I really like twitter and I keep my facebook even though I don't do much on it. Twitter helps me think and connect to others, I suppose. I hope clearing yourself out works for you! Happy new year!

Emily Cross said...

Happy New Year to you too!

Well tbh i never got twitter and sort of stopped using it.

Facebook was akward for me cause i've two accounts (or used to) one for emily and the other for my 'real life' so i decided to axe emily cause i was never logging on and it was pretty static.

Tamika: said...

I've been considering Twitter this year. Hoping to connect better with fellow writers and agents.

We'll see. A reward of sorts, but only if I finish my WIP and all the revisions!

Clare C. Greenstreet said...

Happy New Year! I should start working on my New Years Resolutions. But then they'd be the same as last year anyway.

annerallen said...

Interesting that you're dropping Twitter and F-book. This AM I realized I hadn't checked Twitter for days and it was becoming a chore I dreaded. Ditto Facebook.

Now I'm checking in on my blog peeps and so many are sounding stressed and scattered like you. Me too. So I'm going to dial down screen time altogether. TV, too.

I still read books printed on paper, so I can have as much reading time as I want. Ahhh. Looking forward to a less-frantic year. Sounds like you are too.

But I hope you don't abandon the Writers Chronicle. I don't get there that often, but it's a great resource. Thanks for the time you've put in there.

Casey McCormick said...

What a great idea Emily!

I'm feeling pretty scattered and stressed, like Anne pointed out, but I can't bring myself to get rid of Twitter or Facebook. Love Twitter, and I don't really use Facebook so I don't mind having it.

Hm. If things get too out of hand I might have to join you though.

Good bye 2009. That's something I'm happy to wish away.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about your award. I WILL get a post up for it in the new year.

Happy New Year!

jonas wunderman said...

Good for you ... decluttering is the next big thing. Twitter be gone.

Have a great 2010 :)


Emily Cross said...

Tamika: Best of luck with your revisions and stuff, hope 2010 will be good to you!

Clare: i'm the same, happy new year to you too, hope you'd a good one

Anne: Thanks for your comment, i seriously need to show WC blog and forum more love than i am! but yeah i was spreading myself a bit thin across the internet so decided to cut some back. No point using these things if i'm not going to put the effort in :) Hope you'd a great new years

Casey: Happy new year to you too, thanks for the comment. I think if you love twitter then you shouldn't get rid of it - i didn't get it so it wasn't any use to me.

Jonas: see you're a trendstarter, now it shall be you in the history books as the slayer of twitter lol.
anyhoo hope you'd great new year!

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