Thursday, December 10, 2009

The 'H' Word. . .

So lately i noticed my blog posts have gotten very . . . meeh. I don't know why, perhaps its tiredness or being unimaginative?

Personally i think its cause i'm . . . happy(ish)?


i know, i know i said the H word - I'm scared too.

Seriously though maybe the apartmates/homefriends have been spiking my cocktails with prozac, C'est feckers! They know how much i love being the pessimist!

So, apart from that, as i wondered down the dark lane, toward the glowing sign of eurospar - i began to ponder all this stuff.

Essentially i'm a chronic single, who is well on her way to spinsterhood. . . with lots of dogs (not cat person) to keep me company and give me the unconditional love that bastard men are incapable of,

So - definitely not the love life (or lack there of)

Ok, what about my hobbies (assuming hobbies don't include internet or drinking)


Okey dokey, not that area either.

So that leaves my career.

Lately i've been feeling uber proud of myself (and thus the happy me = boring posts). Whilst i was home and writing up the never ending proposal, i felt like my life was being sucked away by one of those wraith things on SG Atlantis (yes i am one of those people too - like you didn't know) but i finally got it done and sent in.

In the mean time, while it was being processed i responded to an email looking for a tutor to teach psychology in one of the university's departments. Few extra mula's, so what they hell, i thought, i can handle a few tutorials - even if i don't have the first clue to what the feck to do.

First day, goes by. Second day, goes by.

Lecturer has family bereavement. Rings me up, says she's gotten great feedback from tutorials and asks will i cover the next 5 lectures (for a class of 250-300 students).

Apart from writing, Lecturing psychology is what my dream dayjob would be.

Although i was racked with nerves on the day, and ran through my lecture like a freight train on fire - i felt high afterwards, i was so thrilled!

So, i survived those first two lectures, and have another tomorrow. (touch wood - all goes well)

Why all these ponderings about happy = career? I got an email about my PhD interview today. So, hopefully this time next week, i'll be a funded PhD student *touch wood* :)

Not bad for 22, non?

P.S. Ha! Just realised I've never labelled a post 'happy' before for this blog


LauraCassidy said...

Wow well done! I am happy that you are happy :) And best of luck with the interview!

jonas wunderman said...

Tremendous for 22 ....

glad you are so happy :)

Diana Paz said...

Oh my! I haven't found your posts boring!! But if you being happy must lead to boring posts, I hope all your posts are boring from here on. And I have to say... you sound so cute saying "who is well on her way to spinsterhood" at the age of 22, which you might find annoying of me, but I can't help myself! :)

Thanks for the honest comment on my blog today, it's why I like you so much :)

Emily Cross said...

Laura, thanks a million *fingers crossed*

Jonas - thanks. my moods change like the wind so we shall see how long this lasts ;)

Diana - i have no objections to being called cute no matter what the circumstances :D

june said...

Congrats on your interview. "Happy" is always good! I wish you many more.

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