Sunday, December 20, 2009

Unplug week and an truth Award!!

So tomorrow is the third monday of the month and is unplug week (which is going to be very handy this week considering the amount of work i have to do!). Apart from xmas stuff i'll be doing some PhD work and maybe work on some of my poetry (if it can be called that lol)

In unrelated news, the ever lovely Diana Paz has given me the 'From me to you' blog award! YaY!! Seriously recommend dropping over to Diana's blog as i've always found i've come away from reading her posts with smile on my face!

Basically i've to nominate seven blogs and revealing seven truths about myself that you might not know (hmmmmm. . . this is going to be hard!!


1. Ok the most obvious truth is that Emily Cross is not my real name (which i've mentioned before) but the truth part is that my first name is Mary. (nicknames: Moy, Mare, Maude, Mad Mary, Scary Mary etc. lol)

2. For ten years, 7-17 i studied speech and drama in the same school (different branch obviously) as Kate Winslet and i'm only a grade below her.

3. I've been published. First in an Anthology of peace poems about Northern Ireland and ROI and in university I had the abstract of my undergrad thesis published in Irish Journal of Psychology

4. My parents thought i had a learning disability (or that i was deaf) because i couldn't speak properly and was grunting up to the age of 3-4. My Parents brought me to a hearing specialist who said i could hear the grass grow and maybe i should start talking now. Since then my poor parents have been trying to shut me up.

5. As a child (which probably links to 4) i had a problem pronouncing certain words such as hospital due to stiff tongue or something - which was helped by 'licking yogurt off a plate' (aw speech therapists!)

6. I've two older brothers and a younger sister

7. Connected to nickname 'Mare', I was obsessed with horses as a child and used to (and will be soon) ride regularly! I absolutely love horses.

Nominated Blogs:

As the Plot thickens

All Things Moorehawk and Otherwise

All things Urban Fiction

Anne R Allen

Beyond Wunderman

Diary of a Chalet Girl

Evaluation Station

Also to everyone:


Celine said...

Thank you for the mention Emily! (Emily is a name that I always wanted for myself btw, and it is my husband's petname for me! I almost called my daughter Emily. She's eternally grateful I didn't s go figure!)

Have a happy Christmas and best of luck for the new year.

annerallen said...

Thanks much for the nomination. I've missed the posts about your pen name ('net name?)I'd be interested in knowing why you chose Emily. It's a lovely name, with rich literary history--but so is Mary. I love both names. Maybe in Ireland Mary is more common than here in California, where young women are more likely to be named Brianna or Crystal or Shasta.

Abigail [All Things Urban Fantasy] said...

Thanks so much!

The Gobbles said...

Thanks for the nomination Emily!

jonas wunderman said...

Hello again and thank you :)

Hope you have a great Christmas and new year - I certainly plan to!


Emily Cross said...

Celine - i really love the name Emily or Amelia, very sophisticated or something :) Hope you have a wonderful Xmas and New Years

Anne - Well i really like the name Emily. I was called Mary after my grandmother and it was very common name before and including the 70s but isn't as popular now (the older names are coming back i hear). Mary is a grand name but it feel liks a 'blah' sort of name to me tbh

Abigail: Glad you like the award. Merry Xmas

Gobbles: No problem missus, your site is great!

Jonas: Hope you've a great Christmas and New Years!

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