Tuesday, January 26, 2010

203 things to do before. . .

now i'm not one for lists . . .

Ha! Who am i kidding, my life is a list!

However even though I do make lists, I usually end up ignoring them but i've decided to take a leave out of Hermia's blog and made up alist of things that make my life meaningful etc.

I didn't have a designated number but i came up with 201. Some i've done already which have always been goals of mine (so i've included them). Insane list, i know. I really like some though, like give a stranger a card or leave flowers on a grave. Very Amelie IMO
1. Write a book, which I’m proud of (even if it’s never published)
  1. 2 Be published (at least once)

    3. Write a collection of poems

    4. Have a collection/number/one of poem(s) published

    5. Meet Seamus Heaney

    6. Swim with a dolphin

    7. Skydive/Bungee jump (absolutely petrified of heights)

    8. Ride a rollercoaster (scared of heights)

    9. Have my portrait painted

    10. Learn Latin

    11. Learn and be able to converse in Irish

    12. Be an extra in a film

    13. Go ice skating

    14. Be a member of an audience on TV show

    15. Visit Washington DC (home of the west wing lol)

    16. Learn to dance properly (i.e. waltz etc.)

    17. Fall in love

    18. Ride on the orient express

    19. Learn to play a musical instrument

    20. Learn to play a muse song

    21. Spend a night in a haunted house

    22. See a lunar eclipse

    23. Spend a new years in an exotic (foreign) location

    24. Support and get involved in a cause/charity

    25. Ask someone you just met on a date

    26. Sleep under the stars

    27. Stay up all night for sunrise

    28. Touch a tarantula (I’ve terrible arachnophobia)

    29. Grow a garden

    30. Get to my ‘perfect’ size

    31. Be in a relationship for longer than 10 minutes

    32. Learn to swim

    33. Run in a marathon for charity

    34. Cycle across Ireland

    35. Go up in a hot-air balloon

    36. Go to Glastonbury

    37. Go to Auschwitz

    38. Learn/try skiing

    39. Trace my family ancestry/tree

    40. Visit Niagara Falls

    41. Travel across two continents by train

    42. Visit Canada

    43. Visit Egypt

    44. Visit New Zealand

    45. Visit Japan

    46. Meet people I’ve become friends with on the internet in person (who are not psychos)

    47. Learn to drive

    48. Get my licence

    49. Buy a car

    50. Get my PhD

    51. Meet Joss Whedon

    52. Take art/drawing lessons

    53. Go back to horse ridding

    54. Take up Drama again

    55. Be in a play

    56. Learn photography

    57. Read Harry Potter

    58. Meet Marcus Zusak

    59. Meet Alison Croggon

    60. Meet John Connolly

    61. Stop worrying about things outside of my control

    62. Set foot on all seven continents

    63. Go on safari in Africa

    64. Visit New Orleans

    65. See a broadway/westend musical

    66. Go to Burning Man

    67. See Muse in foreign country (Wembley)

    68. Meet Muse

    69. Visit Jane Austen’s home

    70. Visit Great Wall of China

    71. Become a parent (when I’m thirty something)

    72. Get Married (also in my thirties)

    73. Go to the theatre (not counting Pantos!)

    74. Go to a health spa for a day

    75. Surprise someone

    76. Ask a stranger out on a date

    77. Go whale watching

    78. Visit Machu Picchu/Inca Trail

    79. See the Northern Lights

    80. Visit Poland

    81. Be happy and confident with myself

    82. Go on a holiday/camping trip with horses

    83. Give blood (I’m very squeamish)

    84. Visit Italy

    85. Visit Coliseum and have gladiator moment

    86. Visit Pompeii

    87. Visit Paris

    88. Visit Stonehenge

    89. Visit New Grange on solstice

    90. Buy a homeless person some food

    91. Write an autobiography

    92. Be asked for my ‘autograph’

    93. Horse ride on the beach

    94. Have professional makeover and photo shot

    95. Visit Athens (and ancient Greek sites)

    96. See Pisa and Venice

    97. Visit Iceland

    98. Learn CPR/First aid

    99. Be mean to someone i don't like!

    100. Find perfect pair of jeans (and buy ten)

    101. See the Terracotta Warriors

    102. Carry a donor card

    103. Keep a New Year’s Resolution

    104. Send a *yuck* valentines card

    105. Try to dowse for water

    106. Make a jam

    107. Visit LA, walk along the Hollywood walk of fame

    108. Learn to play poker (properly – match sticks don’t count)

    109. Celebrate New years in New York

    110. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans

    111. Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge (again terrified of heights)

    112. Stand up for someone/myself

    113. See something on Broadway

    114. Find perfect fountain pen

    115. Cook Christmas Dinner

    116. Kiss under mistletoe

    117. Hide something in a photo frame

    118. Pet a Kangaroo in Australia

    119. Drink a Cosmopolitan in New york

    120. Have a sex on the beach before/after/whilst having ;) on the beach

    121. Wear a real corset

    122. Get a tattoo

    123. Get favourite book signed by favourite author

    124. Fly first class

    125. Be published (in journal) academically

    126. Be published (in book) acadaemically

    127. Own a ‘real’ leather jacket (not a pvc one)

    128. See King tut

    129. Go to comedy festival in Edinburgh

    130. Go to comedy festival in Montreal

    131. Kiss a girl

    132. Take a risk

    133. HS

    134. Get a bikini wax

    135. Get a first degree

  2. 136. Get a first masters

  3. 137. Find out what blood type I am

    138. Go on a blind date

    139. Be able to change a tyre

    140. Receive a love letter/poem

    141. Send a love letter/poem

    142. Learn self-defence/martial art

    143. Visit Russia

    144. Have breakfast at tiffany’s

    145. Read the entire Children’s Britannica

    146. Read the entire Adult’s Britannica

    147. Go out 7 nights in a row

    148. See David Bowie Live

    149. Join a gym

    150. Lose weight/drop dress size

    151. Be a better listener

    152. Overcome a bad habit

    153. Learn to keep proper posture naturally

    154. Find my signature scent

    155. Find a decent foundation/tinted moisturiser

    156. Pretend to be a tourist for a day in Dublin

    157. Write a list of 50 quotes that inspire me

    158. Learn photoshop

    159. Watch all the Land before times (Marathon)

    160. Celebrate a holiday half-a-year later

    161. Don’t drink till I’m 21 (its legal from 18 here)

    162. For one year, take a picture a day

    163. Volunteer

    164. Read all of my books

    165. Try and look nice as much as I can (rather than looking like what my mam nicely puts as ‘looking like a knacker’)

    166. Look good naked

    167. Name something/someone I take for granted and change it

    168. Get down to right %fat

    169. Read Ulysses by James Joyce, and then do Bloomsbury day

    170. Read all Irish writers/poets

    171. Reread Roald Dahl’s Books

    172. ReRead favourite children’s books

    173. Complete FITG

    174. Complete Basic List

    175. Feel like the only woman in the room

    176. Get a taxi in New York

    177. Get a vibrator ;)

    178. Read all the books in Matilda

    179. Inter rail

    180. Take every opportunity that comes my way

    181. Leave flowers on a random grave

    182. Do ‘Amelie’ and take an inanimate object travelling with me

    183. Spend one day ‘unplugged’ from internet AND TV

    184. Keep my ‘unplugged’ weeks

    185. Have a New Year’s kiss

    186. Visit a dude ranch

    187. Learn palmistry/astrology

    188. Ride a Camel

    189. Climb a sand dune

    190. Visit Sydney

    191. Be a vegetarian for a week

    192. Play a video game

    193. Meet up with College/home friends regularly

    194. Leave a stranger a Christmas present at their door

    195. Learn Morse code

    196. Play a didjerydoo

    197. Let a coin decide all my decisions for the day

    198. Do a review/article for my local paper

    199. Live abroad for 6 months

    200. Sleep in a car for the night

    201. Win a competition

202. Trans-siberian Express

203. Capetown- Cairo with Rovos Rail


Andrea said...

Well, if/when you become a parent you will find out your blood type because they want to make sure you are RH compatible. If you aren't get a couple shots. Evan was O+ and I'm 0- so I had to get a couple shots.

Otherwise, lots of fun things! I didn't read them all, but that is awesome you met Muse! I rode a camel too.

Jon Paul said...

Wow Emily! I am both impressed and envious. I wish I had 201 things I wanted to do.

Maybe I need to do some thinking!

Great job though! Thanks for the inspiration.

chicknamedhermia said...

I'm so glad to see the Things To Do lists catching on!!!!!! The reach of the blogosphere is blowing my mind!!!!!!lol!
I came really close to meeting the drummer from Muse, but the interview was cancelled last minute!

Emily Cross said...

Andrea - well the parenthood thing won't happen for a while. As my friend puts it - we spend our 20s trying not to get pregnant and then spend our 30s trying to, lol. I'd say when i donate blood (yuck) they'll have test me etc.

Jon - my50.com was really useful, alot of stuff there for ideas like carrying donar card or giving food to homeless person etc.

Hermia - yup its contagious ;) aw seriously!?! Dom is such a sweetheart - when we meet them, he gave us wine and cheese and grapes . . . *happy sigh*

Postman said...

Wow, this list is actually interesting...quite unlike mine. We both want to get published, though. And ride a camel.

Poetry, huh? That's an arena I never could brave. Suck at it, I do. I've limited myself to writing ribald limericks and ballads about alien landings.

I might be able to help you with the Washington, D.C. bit. Definitely the Cosmopolitan in New York, too.

Corra McFeydon said...

A sound list! Can't believe how many you've already crossed off! :)


from the desk of a writer

Emily Cross said...

Postman: Thanks for the comment :) If i ever cross the big auld pond, i'll be calling on ya for the cosmo ;)
Yeah the camel ride is definitely an 'experience' - not the nicest smelling/temperment/comfortable animals in the world but it was kinda fun :)

Corra: Thanks for the comment, aw we'll see how many i get done in a few months lol

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