Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prologue WIP2

So not to jinx myself *touch wood* but i've finally started writing again! Inspired by the strange short story (which i wrote before and posted on AW), i'm planning on writing a very odd novel-length (i hope) yoke. I've started the prologue, currently at 612 words (wow, i know amazing but its taken me like 3 hours to write that. unbelievable slow i know.)

Complete crap at the moment, but thats the plan - going to pen the bones of it first, then flesh it out and possible edit it till kingdom come!

This song (any BSG fans out there?) is what i've been listening to on repeat, may give an indication of the mood of this section. Absolutely love it.


Diana Paz said...

HUGE congrats! Have fun with it! :)

Isn't it a wonderful feeling coming back to something we love? :)

Jon Paul said...

Brilliant! Great news!

annerallen said...

Glad to hear your muse is back in the game. But--in spite of the fact it's a lovely piece of music--if you're worried about your writing pace being s-l-o-w, you might put on some peppier tunes for a while. Just saying...

Me, I'm working to the sound of my neighbor building a shed or something this AM. Hammering. Electric sawing. LOTS of pent-up anger in my writing today.

Andrea said...

Yay! I hope it works out for you and that sharing this didn't jinx you...When I share it jinxes me.

xoxo said...

Hope your writing turns out great. If you like I have some advice, don't write down the summery first(unless you have too). Just pick some characters you like and just write. Before you know it you'll have a story with a plot of it's own and you'll find that the plot is very close to the one you were trying to map out.
In shorter words don't cage the idea you tend to get writers block that way.

Clare C. Greenstreet said...

great to see you're writing again! good luck with it!

Helen said...

That's great news! It's always wonderful to get back into writing after a dry spell.

I also love that song. I immediately went to iTunes and bought it after seeing it on BSG.

Emily Cross said...

Diana - thanks, i feel i've gotten over the worse of a very bad WB

Jon - Thank you so much

Anne - Perhaps you're right, i've some snow patrol etc. lined up now and of course a bit of muse ;)

Andrea - i think i'm ok about the jinxing, i've *touched wood* so i'm hoping it cancels it out ;P

xoxo: Brilliant advise, see this is what happened to me before, i picked up those writing books that love to outline everything - i tried to do it and essentially sapped myself and ever since i couldn't write a word. Now i'm doing it my way, and i'm really pleased with it as i've now a good idea of the main concept of the story :)

Claire: *hugs* thanks for the comment and the gud luck :)

Helen: aw BSG = awesome! I loved this song, have you ever listened to 'hometown glory' by adele? Its very similar to it IMO. Thanks for the comment

Corra McFeydon said...

Hello Emily ~

So happy to hear you're writing. 'Doing it my way' sounds exactly right to me. We all have to come to that point I think. Learn it, then say 'to hell with the rules.'


This is just a quick note to let you know I left you an award at my blog:

from the desk of a writer

(Beautiful piano music you posted. That's the sort of thing I listen to when writing.)

All the very best,
Corra :)

Emily Cross said...

Thanks Corra for the comment and the blog award :)!!

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