Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mon Dieu!


My head is dying.

Absolutely killing headache


and its not the sort of ouchy that was the result of too much vodka-ey goodness the night before.

This is the sort of ouchy which results from an office environment with a dash of studious work which involves computer screens and books.

Amazing how i don't get headaches when spend all day reading blogs/watching dvds off laptop or reading books (fiction), but put me in a room and in officey attire and its ouchville!

Aw universe you're a cruel mistress.

So whats does this have to do with the blog?

Well, this blog shall probably stay its random self but I've designated Sunday to be my blogpost day (i.e. going to write blogposts on sunday to post during the week on my non-personal [other] blogs [which there are many - too many]).

Reason being, that my eyes are going to fall out of their sockets and my brain implode if I have to look at this laptop screen for much longer after 8 hours of screeny goodness, let alone type up posts that are half coherent :)

Not to mention after this week, I'm going lala crazy and

a] going to write WIP before i go into work like a masochist (my eyes!!)

b] (i can't believe i'm actually going to type these words) JOIN A GYM and actually (Deep breathe) GO and you know, do that stuff people do on all those TV ads - e.x.e.r.c.i.s.e *shivers*

Seriously as in, actually go to the gym and not just pay the membership and not go (which is my usual way of going to the gym). I'm actually going to go. And God, dare i even say it, I'm looking *gulp* forward to it.

I think i've caught something from someone - like a healthy, exercise virus. I even had a salad today - yes a SALAD (well if it could be called that, I mean, it didn't even have colesaw!)

I'm even going to buy clothes (the none knacker looking ones) - 'gym clothes'.

If i didn't know i was me, I'd swear i was someone else.

Scary Stuff boys and girls.


chicknamedhermia said...

I hate that icky feeling of straining your eyes and brains in front of an office computer!!! Plus my head always starts to ache towards the end of the week!!!!! Roll on the weekend!

The Sesquipedalian said...

I hope you enjoy the Gym, Emily. I love going, but maybe I'm weird. What am I saying, I know I'm weird.

I nominated you for a blog post, though you've likely already received it. Here it is:

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