Monday, March 29, 2010

Advice Needed: Pen Name

Hey everyone,

For a while I've been in a bit of a quandary about my pen name.

The Problem is, I absolutely LOVE the name Emily Cross, but when choosing the name I decided to overlook the fact that there was another Emily Cross out there, an American foil fencer who won a silver medal in the Olympics in 2008.

Now maybe you've never heard of Emily Cross, but if you google 'Emily Cross', she comes up for about the first two pages. My worry (maybe it's silly) is that when I start querying myself as 'emily cross', agents who look me up on google will only find her name?

So, What should I do?

a] Keep my Emily Cross name, and just go with it

b] Rename myself Amelie Cross (or something similar) and phase emilycross out? (and hopefully not loose readers?) Or add an initial like Emily M. Cross?

c] ???

Any suggestions would be great, really not sure what to do!! Would you believe I've been mulling over this for months!?!?!


Tuesday Kid said...

Keep calling yourself Emily Cross of course. Unless you really want to change your name, you could use it as a selling point.

I'm happy that there aren't any other Tuesday Kid's out there.

Emily Cross said...

Well Emily Cross isn't my real name either :)

Absolutely LOVE the name of your blog by the way

See you're lucky you were called tuesday, now if you'd been called Friday, you may have had a problem similar to meself ;)

Matt said...

I like Emily Cross. There are probably lots of same named people, writers included. I expect any agent or editor worth their salt are smart enough to find you. How hard is it to google Emily Cross Writer?

Emily Cross said...

Thanks Matt, I appreciate it! Makes me feel better :)

It's so silly i know to be worrying bout this small thing and I'm not even at the query stage yet lol!

Danyelle said...

I'd say go with the name you like--after all, you're going to be stuck with it once your published. (For a time, at least.) :)

The Shape said...

Go for something else Maximilian Steelhammer!

Ah no...sure you're so different to the other Emily Cross that it should be easy to distinguish the two.

Emily Cross said...

Thanks Danyelle, aw you're right.

The Shape: Oh I may use Maximillian Steelhammer when i write all those raunchy novels ;)

Yeah, i guess you're right about the differencesI mean, one emily cross actually knows what a gym looks like, and well the other one. . . really doesn't ;)

jonas wunderman said...

You should just keep it how it is ... its a great name.

Or, if you must go for the middle initial, what about Emily V. Cross.


Kamille said...

How about Emilia Cross? Emily Crosse?
Emmy Cross?

Or what about Emily Emilia Cross? EE Cross?

LauraCassidy said...

I really like the name Emily Cross. It's very memorable. As long as there isn't another writer called Emily Cross I'd say it should be fine!

Emily Cross said...

Thanks Jonas and Kamille - I appreciate it :)

Laura, eek, actually when i researched my name - i did find another emily cross who selfpublished with publish america!! My only comfort is that i'm higher up in google than she is??

In fairness, this blog has been round longer than her book, so i dunno!!

june said...

I say keep Emily Cross. It won't take long for people to realize they mean Emily Cross the writer. It has a very literary style to it.

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. It was nice to see you!

chicknamedhermia said...

Well Emily Cross is your 'cyber' identity now....wouldn't it feel weird to go under another name? I mean there is only one other EC...

shix said...

Why not just use your real name? Why a pen name? Apart from anonymity I never figured out why writer's did that. I used my real name for my novel. It means everyone who's ever known me (some of whom I've lost touch with) can google me and find my book.

Emily Cross said...

Thanks June for your comments!

Hermia - yeah, it's funny how attached you can get to a persona. That's why i don't weant to change it. I guess i'll just see how it goes.

Shix - Well there's the anonymity (which i like) but also my real name is not marketable, imo. And I hope to be published academically under that name and would like to keep those two lives seperate. I get what you're saying though, and thanks for comments!

Helen said...

Hmmm, I wouldn't worry for now. There are a lot of Helen Corcorans out there, and I'm not the first one to come up. But put in 'Helen Corcoran writer' or 'Helen Corcoran Ireland' and I jump up the list.

An agent could add writer, part of your address (which will be in your query sig), or your book title to your name on a Google search, as could readers and other curious people. I've been including my blog address in my query sig, so if they want to check it out, well, it's there. *shrugs*

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