Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Patrick's Day & Where WR becomes my hero

Pop on over to the White Rabbit's Blog and read this post, ESPECIALLY if you are even remotely considering going to LEAP YEAR.

My favourite part:

Ireland is not Cuba. In fact before the recession, Ireland was wealthy as fuck and Irish people could afford brand new cars from places as far away as Japan. Why Hollywood insists that we all drive chuck-a-booms or hitch rides on trucks transporting chickens is beyond me.

P.S. Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!! Have a good one! ( i know a day early, but i'm at work and i won't be tomorrow. Yay for national holiday!)


Au Lapin Blanc said...

Aww shucks Emily! Thanks for the link!

I see that you are reading Game of Thrones? I've got a part in that!

When I say 'got a part' I mean, I'm an extra in it. I have to ride a horse apparently.

Emily Cross said...

My brother loves that book, making me read it.

Thats brilliant, wow! well you know riding a horse is like riding a bike, except more exciting lol.

Clare C. Greenstreet said...

Happy St Patricks Day!

Danyelle said...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I hope it was a blast. :D

chicknamedhermia said...

Wooooo WR!
I heart her.
I also heart that bush outside her house.
Very comfy.

Emily Cross said...

Thanks for the Happy St PaDDy's day wishes Clare and Danyelle

Hermia: oooh you know the true identity of the WR? oooh am, like, totally sooooo jealous ;P

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