Wednesday, March 24, 2010

John Connolly: Art Lives

RTE (Irish Television) is doing a series of documentaries entitled 'art lives'. Last night they did a documentary about John Connolly, called Of Blood and Lost Things.

Even if crime fiction isn't your thing (it's not mine) - I highly recommend you both read his books (which are amazing) and watch the documentary.

My favourite quote: "Evil is an absence of empathy".

Also the interview touches on criticism John Connolly has received forhis hard core crime novels having elements of horror/paranormal.


Medbh said...

Saw that last evening and really enjoyed it.

The quote was actually:
"Evil is the absence of empathy."

Emily Cross said...

Thanks Medbh!

LOL posted a comment on his blog saying 'lack' - aw well, head like a sieve :)

annerallen said...

This quote has been echoing in my consciousness for days now. Brilliant. No empathy=evil.

This is what is happening in the US since nutjob terrorists took over the Republican party: evil--the kind that comes from the absence of empathy. They don't care if children die because their parents lost a job and therefore health insurance--or if the disabled are left to die in the streets: because they feel nothing for anybody but themselves.

They say they're terrified of "socialism"--not that they know what it is--but what they've got instead is sociopathism: the absence of empathy. Pure evil.

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