Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Where I have my own little Cylon Moment. .

Ok, after meeting up with some friends in city centre for some cuppas and chat, I finally got home.

Sitting at my lovely new laptop, I could hear the faint sound of music.

Hmmmm, I thought, Tis unusual to her 'appartmate 2' listening to music (or making any sound at all) especially at 12am.

I shrug. I put my earplugs in and go sleep sleep.

Wake up this morning, run around like a mad thing and finally end up in work.

Sitting down in my very quiet office, I begin to hear the music again.

Now I'm really starting to freak out and start fumbling round my office looking for the source of the sound.

I open the window - nope.

I open my door, go into the corridor, hoping some student is listening to music - nope.

Bump into next door office person, and laughingly say (without alarming her), do you hear any music - nope.

So, what does this all mean?

(nope, it doesn't mean i'm mad, duh!)

Well, Logically I must be a Cylon (yes i am a BSG nerd)!!

It would explain everything, instead of hearing music 'in the ship', I was hearing it in my 'apartment/office'!!

The music seemed to be getting loader though.

Especially when I approached my coat.

Where my Ipod was in my pocket.

Playing all night.


Guess I'm just a Frakking Human afterall!


Kitty Cat said...

Hee! This made me laugh. Possibly because I too am a BSG fan. Damn sneaky Cylons. I was so mad at the Chief for AGES over it. Lovely Chief and his lovely face.

Emily Cross said...

aw I love the Chief!!

Never liked torry (go Chief) as a cylon until someone told me, that Billy was the one that was meant to be the cylon originally, but actor left the series so made up her character!

Aw Helo, now he's eye candy

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