Sunday, April 18, 2010

Glorious Sunburn. . .

Yes, I am sun burnt!


I am sun burnt . . . in Ireland!!

Yes, would you believe we actually had some gorgeous weather this weekend - went on a fab weekend away with the girls to Cork and had an amazing sizzling time :)

I'm not even a sun person but after the weather we've had for the past 5 years - well it's even made me a sun worshipper!

Red Lemonade linked a post about some mad pics on the Ray Foley website (radio show) who has a page where people can stick up sunshine snaps (see how big a deal it is here!)

Here's some nice samples (it looks like the Ireland, the tourist board shows off in their ads to entice tourists)


Anne R. Allen said...

Gorgeous! I want to go! soon as that pesky volcano stops spewing. I take it the cloud isn't sitting over Ireland. Or were you basking in volcano plumes?

Jon Paul said...

That's great! It's been awhile since I've been to Ireland--you're reminding me why I have to get back!

notRuairi said...

That last picture looks like Wicklow. The one before it is far cooler though, I want to go to TunisIreland!

Emily Cross said...

Anne - Don't be fooled, this is a freak occurance (sun shinning, me getting sunburnt) but hopefully will keep up for a while longer (although it's fading now)

JP - I'm doing my part for the irish tourism and economy so :)

notRuairi - TunisIreland!! I love it :)

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