Thursday, April 8, 2010

A little bit of musings . . .

Sorry if this post is a bit of a downer, but shucks deep down under my 'bubbly' (others words not mine) personality, i'm just a deep dark hole of despair, who only finds pleasure in butchering the english language with excessive alliteration.

Yup, truly a ray of sunshine. . .

This attitude (as a psychic has told me - yes a psychic, and yes I am one of those people lol) is due to me being drained of energy (since last August - around the time of the lovely thesis - is it any wonder!!)

After today though I am very drained = nonsense chatter. I always talk stupid when I'm tired, it's like the little bit of restraint that usually keeps my trap half way shut - completely unhinges.

Today was intense and I'm completely fried.

I was going to yap on about my crap etc. but then I'll be sending out the bad vibes into the blogosphere!

So i'm going to end this on a happy note, and invite you all to my wedding - so clear your calendars for June 2015!

Aw, you have to love an optimistic psychic ;)


annerallen said...

OMG you're getting married?!! Are you actually with this man at the moment, or are you living a real-life version of Marian Keyes' "Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married?" (one of my favorite fun reads. Keyes is very underrated by people who dismiss her comedies of manners as "chick lit".) A psychic tells Lucy she's getting married, and she's already met the man, but Lucy has no idea who he is.

Despair comes with the territory when you're a writer. I read about a recent study that came up with real evidence that's true. Apparently the same part of the brain used for intense, deep thought also is the part of the brain active during a depressive episode. It's not just writers, but all deep thinkers like Darwin and Einstein that encounter the problem.

Come to think of it, I should blog about that, shouldn't I?

So you need to activate a different part of your brain. I like the psychic's diagnosis of needing to regenerate lost energy. Julia Cameron calls it "filling the well." Listening to music, dancing (or maybe planning a wedding) or doing anything physical should help.

Or plan a trip somewhere totally out of your usual rut. How's the Euro vs. the dollar these days? Nathan Bransford is speaking at our local California writers conference at the end of September. I'd promise to be a great tour guide!

Emily Cross said...

Oh Anne, I would be there in a heart beat!! Weather here has been insane, we had snow last night (maybe that's it) and all i want is a bit of sun!! Aw if i had the money :)

OMG, I loved Marian Keyes' books, especially that one - oddly enough. I also go around with a handbag with everything but the kitchen sink in it (just in case!!). Yeah, the psychic said i'd meet him in three years (basically when my phd is done my life can start lol) and be married in 5 in june. aw it was a bit of craic. Only negative part was he said it would take 8-9 years for my writing to get anywhere :(

Wow you should totally do a post about that, it is really interesting!! My current woes has more to do with my trying to get a handle on my literature and theoretical framework for my Phd - so that must be where deep thinking thing comes in lol.

I'm currently watching Firefly - bittersweet cause i LOVE that series so much yet, tis no more . . .

Thanks for poping by though, you've cheered me up!

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