Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Poem is getting Published!!!


In August, my poem The Poet is getting published on the e-zine/website Wordlegs!!

In publishing, I've always been told to celebrate every little success so

Champagne is on me :)


LauraCassidy said...

Wow well done Emily!!! :)

Ciara said...


Emily Cross said...

Thanks Laura and Ciara.

I know it's a small thing but I'm ecstatic lol.

Lady Glamis said...

Awesome!!! Let us know when we can read it. And yes, celebrate!

annerallen said...

Major congratulations. Placing a poem is a triumph, because poetry is even more subjective than humor. Getting it published means somebody "gets" you. Wahoo!

I sold a poem last week, too--for almost less than it cost to mail the three copies of the contract. But it was so much more exciting than selling a nonfic piece I get paid twenty times that amount for.

Love the champagne spray photo. I'll raise a glass to you tonight.

Clare C. Greenstreet said...

well done! can't wait to read it!

Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

Yeah Emily!

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