Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Writerly Update

Probably jinxing myself - but sure whatever!!!

WIP: Dark Shines

Words: 500 (wow, i know amazing lol)

Chapters roughly outlined: 3

Characters: Been playing with Myers Briggs so we'll see (procrastination)

State of emotions: Happy

I've written 500 words of crap but tis 500 more words than I had yesterday and this is what rough draft/ first draft is all about! I was worried that my outlines wouldn't be sufficient for chapter but I feel like it helps, that I can go back to this mini summaries and say "oh yeah, may remember I want to hint at that etc." - I imagine I won't be writing this yoke in a linear fashion - nice and messy - bit like myself :)


Lady Glamis said...

That is so great that your outline is helping you that way. I can't live without my road maps! Good job on the 500 words. Sometimes 500 words takes me a week to write.

Emily Cross said...

Thanks Lady Glamis,

Making slow progress but getting there :)

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