Friday, June 11, 2010

GLEE-irific Book coming soon. . .

Note: I'm going to be doing a book news update here and on Writer's Chronicle blog once a week (usually on a monday- but I thought I'd post this now)

Well for those of us, who love GLEE - it's time to Rejoice (or not) because even though the series is over for the moment - there's money still to be made.

Publishers Weekly has revealed that Little Brown have just announced that they are launching a 'Glee' publishing programme starting with a prequel entitled 'The Beginning' which delves into the backstories of our favourite characters!


Not entirely sure how this will work? The appeal of Glee (for me) is definitely the music BUT if they have the writers of the show (i.e. the person who writes Sue's lines) writing those books then I might pick up a copy!


Andrea said...

You know, for some reason I've never gotten into books based on shows. I remember the Full House ones, then the Buffy, etc. But they just don't appeal to me. It's the same with books made into movies or TV shows etc.

But I do love that show!

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