Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Psych Saturday Opens: Questions Needed!!

Calling all writers!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I want to give something back to the writing community, so I'm starting psych Saturdays - I receive an email from my wonfer ful readers concerning an issue (e.g. a character's phobia or body language or mental illness) they have with their fiction.

People seem to be really interested in this, so I'm hoping for a good response.

If you have a question/query etc. please send it to and in subject line put: psych saturday.

Greatly appreciate as much detail as possible as it will make it easier for me :)

Hopefully people will be interested enough to email in!

*fingers crossed*

Thanks everyone :)


Andrea said...

This should be interesting to read! You know, I think it would also be fun to talk about an author and what their characters seem to hint at in personality of the author. Like say SM, I really wonder about her, especially after Breaking Dawn...LOL! I don't even know where to begin with her.

JK Rowling seems interesting too, but I think she's much more sane. At least I want to think that...

Emily Cross said...

LOl God don't get me started on Breaking Dawn!!!

It would be interesting but to be honest don't think I'd be comfortable with it myself, as I'd feel that I was passing remarks on people that I don't know and only have familiarity with through their public persona and writing.

It would be interesting study though, getting authors books analysed and then having them complete personality questionnaires lol!!

Thanks for suggestion, and hoping with your background that if i need a second opinion, I could give you shout? (grand if not, I know you're mad busy!)

Andrea said...

Sure, feel free to get me involved. I'll help when I can.

I completely understand, I don't think I'd be comfortable posting my theories on someones personality based on their writing. It would be interesting though!

Scarlet-O said...

I'll e-mail you cuz I just started following and I'm not sure if this is like a sort of group you're holding or a class you teach or what... but it sounds really interesting... The questions are to be about their own writing, their own characters right?

Emily Cross said...

Hi Scarlet, Thanks for following. Feel free to email me! I read your other comment too and my opinion is "everybody is crazy, tis all just a matter of degrees" ;)

So I totally agree that if your characters are to seem real they have to have issues :)

Scarlet-O said...

i just wrote you some-- just wanted to add though that btw i think this is much worse in the states, the overdiagnosing and overprescribing of psych meds...

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