Saturday, July 3, 2010

Had the strangest or should I say scariest dream last night

I dreamt of Twilight.

I dreamt of Edward.

I dreamt of Jedward Hair.

I dreamt of Edward having Jedward hair.

I dreamt of Edward standing at the end of my bed.

I dreamt of Edward with a manic/deformed face
I dreamt of Edward doing the Jedward Jump Routine with his face and hair at the end of my bed.


Did not sleep a wink for the rest of the night!

Not entirely sure what scared me more - Edward or the hair or the jumping!?!?!

EDIT: Holy Crap - just forgot about this:

"Friday dreamt, Saturday Told, is sure to come true no matter how old. "



Clare C. Greenstreet said...

wow, that is a scary dream. I suggest you hid under your covers in case it does come true.

Miss Anon said...

Go to bed with a baseball bat.

That's creepy! lol!

Anne R. Allen said...

The hair. For me, it would definitely be the hair.

Andrea said...

That is scary....maybe keep a saber sword tucked under the bed to fight him off the next time he appears at your bed.

Scarlet-O said...

well over here it'dve been saturday dreamt, so.. :-)

Kitty Cat said...

Bloody Twilight. Every bus that passes me has their dopey pale faces staring out of those bloody Eclipse ads. One of these days I will end you, Stephenie Meyer.

Emily Cross said...

This teaches me to watch horror tv shows, but considering the content of Millenuim (serial killers, demons that don't sparkle but rip you apart) - I wonder how it ended up Edward scaring me at end of the bed and not this

Aw my crazy mind.

Thanks for all the comments :)

notRuairi said...


Properly creepy!

Herself said...

Is that true? Friday Dreamt, Saturday Told etc....?!! I've never heard that...

That dream sounds HILARIOUS to the max, by the way. And if Edward was on the end of my bed, regardless of hair style or dance routine, I would be trying to will him to get in with me. :) (dont love twilight, but wouldn't kick Ed off the bed for eatin biscuits!!) xx

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