Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A little update. . .

Nope, tis not moi whose getting married (hard to do that when you're single, or so I've heard. . . ) but one of my best buds, she's getting married this weekend and no before you ask, her name is not Chelsea.

Anyhoo, as you can imagine, things have been a tad busy in RL with all the weddingy stuff.

But (I've noticed that we seem to be allowed to put 'but' at the beginning of sentences now. So I think i shall try this out! Sorry Ms. Salmon [my old english teacher], its peer pressure) I've also been making some progress with DarkShines. By progress I mean, I've been deciding what soundtrack the movie adaptation will have. . . so as you can see i've been very productive!

Seriously though, I have been making very slow progress but progress none the less. I've completed the outline of the book, and thanks to my brother have removed the ghost from the machine so the plot isn't too meeh. In typical 'me' style I've started the first draft with the last chapter and am working backwards - I often read the last page of a book before I buy so this way of doing things isn't entirely surprising. . . so far I have to say it's been difficult and horrible and I think every word completely sucks but at least I realise that I suck :)

I guess, i'm overloading my writing - trying to keep what I think is 'my voice' but also trying to see how other authors write in my genre (keep interest of reader etc.) and it's coming out a tad crap. . .but after two years of writer's block I'm just thankful there is crap! Who knew this writing stuff is so hard ;)

At least I can sort of say I've finished my book - I've the end done, now i just need to do the middle, and beginning . . .

P.S. this friday/saturday I will be posting the first Psych Saturday post! Remember to drop me an email/comment if you want to ask a psychology/writing question!

Toodles Lovely Readers and Peace out :)



LauraCassidy said...

I'm writing the final section of my book before i do the middle! Good luck and enjoy the wedding!

Emily Cross said...

Thanks Laura! Great minds :)

Hows the book going? is this the first draft for 18 kisses?

Anne R. Allen said...

I always write the end long before the middle. I usually write the first three chapters, then the last, then do a chapter by chapter outline of the rest and fill it in--then when I get to the end, I write something 90% different from what I wrote first, but somehow it's so much easier to get through the middle when the end is there, enticing me.

Congrats on getting over the writers block!

Scarlet-O said...

i'm looking forward to the psych sat :-)

one of my best buds is getting married too... SIGH! yes, hard indeed to do when you're single...

i am intrigued by the book. you have a voice too. i wouldnt worry!


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Good luck with your writing! I totally thought you were getting married when I opened this post!!!

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Did you get my last comment on here? If you did, you can delete this. Blogger is being crazy!

Emily Cross said...

@Anne - Thanks Anne, nice to know i'm not entirely strange with my method. I like your three chaps and then end chapter way of doing it too.

@Scarlet0 - thanks for the comment. Yeah i hope that psych saturday will be helpful! This is the first friend to get married, don't think there will be another for few years

@Michelle - thanks for the comment, I had the moderation on my comments cause I keep getting chinese spam, thats probably why delay! Aw i won't be getting married till 2015 according to a psychic lol.

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