Wednesday, August 18, 2010

30 rock. . . rocks?!?!

Well it seems the Psych Saturday yokey is a bit of a bust - got no responses. No worries though, I'm always coming up with stuff (that lasts about two weeks till i forget to update lol).

I haven't had much to post lately, which is odd for me considering I post about anything, but good news is I've been writing DarkShines. Tis complete and utter crap at the moment but hopefully during rewrites etc. it'll come together. At the moment I'm just putting words on the page and going to see from there. . .

Nothing much to report apart from that, so I leave you to my friend Kenneth - who I thought I had nothing in common with till I saw this:

Between 30 rock and Dexter I'm getting nothing done. . . damn tv shows making me procrastinate!!


Andrea said...

LOL! I love that one guy, the one that was addicted to coke. I haven't watched that show for a long time. I can't watch Dexter anymore either. Once I had Evan I just can't tolerate violent shows like I used to. I keep thinking that the victim was someone elses kid and how horrible it must be for the family and all. I don't even want to think of the family of the killer.

Let me know if you want help for topics for Psych Saturday!

belfast cabby said...

Addicted to coke lol love it..

chicknamedhermia said...

I'm in two minds about 30 Rock....sometimes its good, sometimes not so good!

Are you coming to the blogger meet-up?

Emily Cross said...

Hermia - I saw the post about it, is it's on the 18th september isn't it? I actually have go to my cousin's 30th that night but thanks for letting me know - sounds like going to be mad craic :)

Typical that load stuff happens on same weekend lol.

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