Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Design Change - Any thoughts??

So this blog has been looking a bit 'meeh' lately, well I'm on a waiting list to get a new template designed (all shiny and new :)) but in mean time I'm trying to decide between 5 blogger templates and I'm hoping yeh can help me decide.

Going to show a pic of each, what i like and don't like and then yeh can vote at the end of this page :) and be great if people left comments too (if yeh like!)

So #1

Link to big image here
Pros: I like the 'otherworld look of it, especially the header! I don't hate the colour scheme either
Cons: No nav bar, not mad about the text thing at top either and I'm not big lover of insects i.e. butterflies, only two column


Link to Big image here
Pros: i like the feel of it, funky and don't mind colour scheme (can change easily), nav bar, three column,
Cons: Is it a bit normal? Text (header is a bit blah)


Link to Big Image here
Pros: Love the 'feel' of it. Colour, header, text! Really cute
Cons: only 2 column (sidebar is quite narrow). It's a bit girly. Does it convey me? Don't think possible to widen side bar


Link to Big Image here
Pros: My little pony YaY! Kinda happy feel to it. decent sidebar, navbar, cute!
Cons: two column only. Maybe looks like kiddies blog?


Link to the Big Image here
Pros: I LOVE grungey vectors, colour scheme is coolio!
Cons: Maybe it's a bit much? Very very narrow posting and sidebar space (see the utube video that's the smallest size!!) Not sure if be able to change it. Not insanely happy about the buildings in header

So there's the choices to far - Please vote and let me know. I'm on the fence here! Leaning one way then the other so other's thoughts would be great :)

Thank you!


LauraCassidy said...

I like number 4. Thinking of changing my blog design too!

Anne R. Allen said...

I like #3. It's soothing and elegant. Girly, yes, but not as girly as #2 (Although that's my second choice. It's got great colors and nice layout.)

I find black backgrounds hard to read and kind of adolescent. And the My Little Pony thing--great for a pre-school teacher, but a PhD candidate--not so much.

Andrea said...

I think 2 or 5.

I still can't find a background I really feel is me. The one I have right now is cool and all... but it's just not what I want to keep.

Unfortunately I've put a ban on the amount of time I spend on the computer so it will probably be staying there for a long time.

Clare C. Greenstreet said...

I like 3.

June G said...

I'm torn between #3 and #4. I'm leaning more toward #3, but wish it had a more vibrant color. I like blogs that are clean, bright and easy to read. This is harder than I thought.

Thanks so much Emily for stopping by today and leaving me the name of the artist of The Kneebone Boy. You're awesome and incredibly sweet. I was surprised to learn he also did the cover for "Eyes like Stars". I'll be keeping my eye on him. Thanks again doll!

Scarlet-O said...

looks beautiful this way, but for your style, content and personality i say #3 too :-)

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