Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Arse is firmly back in the chair

What am I on about?

Well it's a little thing called 'Butt-in-chair' writing, which I often read about but never really subscribed to - as often for me the BIC would turn into the SIS (stare-into-space) resulting in BWP (Blank-white-paper).

Jaysus, enough with the acronyms!

Lately though especially with DarkShines I've been doing the BIC and I'm really surprised at the results!

So today, after a two week hiatus of helping first years and working on RL crap, I met and went beyond my daily word count. Now, I'm not one for word counts but considering the sheer drivel which is my rough draft, it's a good way to keep me going. So I'm well over the 17,000 mark now, and my aim is to complete this rough draft by Halloween (around 60k)

To anyone out there, who is a procrastinator like myself, I highly recommend the BIC approach because it's relatively painless - 500 words a day (I started with this) and before you know it you've a decent sized draft. Unlike my other approach which was the 'I'll do it later when I'm . . . ' which resulted in zero words.

Another good idea (i'm full of them today aren't I - easy know I'm procrastinating from real work) which I've discovered is like a fine wine, (cringe at metaphor) your wip needs to breath. I outlined DarkShines but now it's changed alot as a result of just writing the rough draft. I've new characters, twists, tightening and improvement of different areas etc. Everytime I rethink something, it feels stronger for it. So my advice (similar to PhD) is don't sweat the outline too much, your wip is going to change and continue to change right up to the point it's on a bookshelf - so let it breath and be flexible!

So just enjoy the ride - I am :)



Che Gilson said...

I so need to do this more!

Au Lapin Blanc said...

Best of luck Emily m'dear!

Gorilla Bananas said...

That is a seriously fat arse. Not many gorillas are that big.

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