Saturday, October 16, 2010

Busy Busy

Thanks to the wonderful White Rabbit, I've discovered scheduled posting on blogger!! So I shall be posting (reviews/covers) in the coming days in spirit but not in body.


Well it's not because of my usually laziness, but because I've been mad busy lately between PhD work, being sick (really) and having apartmate dramas. If I wasn't so cautious about what I posted on the internet I'd have a mighty rant specifically about the last part but I won't. . .

I am going to take some steps though, which I shall just sum up with this wonderful quote by one of my friends (who was mugged last week).

"Jesus really knew what he was doing when he made that water into wine"

Personally I'm going to replace wine with vodka and have myself a merry auld time :)

See yeh all in few days



Anne R. Allen said...

Oh my! A friend mugged and an apartmate catastrophe (why haven't I seen that word before--it's so perfect.)I hope you'll be able to tell all at some point. Sounds like the makings of a good plot.

I love the purple typewriter!

Jenna said...

Oh, wow--hope you get some relief soon. Being busy, sick, and having to deal with drama is what made my hair start falling out earlier this year (which was exceedingly disgusting). Hope you can find some downtime somewhere in there.

(PS--I also dig the purple typewriter. I want one so bad, but I think not being able to hit backspace might kill me.)

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