Monday, October 25, 2010

Covorting with some Covers (III): USA vs. UK/IRE

Thanks to some suggestions by the wonderful Shellie and my own wanderings around amazon -I've decided to do another US vs. UK book covers. However with a little more of a twist.

Bareback (UK) vs. Benighted (US) by Kit Whitfield.

Thoughts: Definitely handsdown, UK cover and title seems much more appropriate and powerful. The image on the left (uk) is haunting and almost painful to look at, but just makes you want to read. The US cover is a bit meeh. The red is lost against the blue/green cover. There seems to be a lot going on as well, which makes the impact weak.

The Naming (US) vs The Gift (UK):
Book 1 of the Book of Pellinor By Alison Croggon.

Thoughts: I'm biased. I absolutely LOVE this series so much! And I own the UK covers. I absolutely love the UK covers but equally I like the look of the US ones. Coverwise for me it's almost a draw because they work in very different ways but still both are beautiful and eyecatching. Title wise, it's disappointing that the name had to change but the title is still quite relevant and appropriate for the story. So I think for me, this is a draw.

Magic Under Glass by Jacyln Dolamore.

Of course most controversial for last. This Bookcover got ALOT of grief because the original US bookcover (left) was seen as ignoring the fact that MC of the book was described as more middle eastern looking.

The next US version (right) is more faithful to the book's character but lacks any sort of humpf IMO. I just feel sorry for the poor author that her book got caught up in so much controversy.

The UK version (below left) by far seems more faithful to the story of the book and is really cute. I am totally drawn to it because it's clean, simple and colourful. Presumable safer PR wise to have a drawn cover after what happened with the original US cover (although the girl in picture does look fair and blonde to me). . .

Well, Please let me know your thoughts/comments and any bookcovers you recommend :)


Anne R. Allen said...

Covers are fascinating. They have to do so much. I agree with your assessments of most of these. The one that draws me in the most is "The Naming"--it's such a clear, poignant portrait, beautifully done. It sets up a story question right away: what is she looking at? The title "the Gift" is awful. It says nothing. I wonder why they did that?

Emily Cross said...

Well 'The Gift' is the original title. I think this title taps into the main character's discovery of her 'gift', which doesn't see as the most positive thing in the world because her powers seem to stem from something wild. Its reiterated through out the book, while 'the naming' is mentioned near the middle. I think 'the knowing' probably could have been another really good title too.

Highly recommend the series though, extraordinarily well written. The author is actually a poet and involved in theatre and arts in Australia and you can really see this in her writing which is really beautiful

Ha! I feel she should be paying me now lol.

Thanks for dropping by!

Shellie - Layers of Thought said...

Emily you are so sweet calling me wonderful... *big smile*
I am such a pathetic blog follower that I did not see your post until now...

I am still of the opinion that folks over the pond still do a better job on the book covers...


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