Monday, October 4, 2010

Covorting with some Covers. . .

Some covers that have me drooling. . .

Revolution - Jennifer Donnelly.

Thoughts: I love the contrast - black/white vs. colour; modern photo vs. regency painting.

Tracking the Tempest (Jane True) - Nicole Peeler

Thoughts: I absolutely love the cover! It's so funky and different. Grabs the eye and makes you want to read this book!

The Replacement (US cover) - Brenna Yovanoff
Thoughts: My God, I love this, it just so creepy and brilliant. Reminds me alot of the addams family. Compared to the UK version, this is light years ahead. Love it. The only fault I would have is that the author's name is so small and slightly off to one side.

Halo - Alexandra Adornetto
Thougths: Angel lit really knows how to make amazing covers. Hush Hush was remarkable but this is so eye catching and beautiful. It's almost like the image is coming off the page - like a movie than a still. Whoever designed this cover needs a pay rise!

So any thoughts? Love to hear your thoughts or recommendations for nice covers that I can covort with ;)


Anne R. Allen said...

The "Revolution" cover certainly got me. Intriguing and clever. Tells you right away it's about women and history--and is probably aimed at smart people (Black and white does that, I think.) #2 is way too busy for me, but I think it says exactly who it's aimed at. #3 is dark and spooky and maybe a little humorous. Lemony Snickety or Charles Addams. And the angel one just would jump off the shelf at you, wouldn't it? Very interesting collection.

Emily Cross said...

Anne, I loved the 'revolution' cover too!

I've figured one or two designers of some amazing covers (from their blogs etc.) but I'd love to interview people who design these covers! I think some do a remarkable job!

Thanks for your comments Anne :)

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