Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Number 30: Tarot Cards here I come

As part of my '203 things' to do before I kick it, I decided to include 'learn to read tarot' cards! Now as a young teen, I was mad into palmistry, astrology, wicca and anything with the scent of incense! And considering it's the month of October I thought now would be perfect time to get cracking. . .

So I did number of spreads and am kind of impressed with the findings.

One question I asked was: What about my writing career?
I did a 3 card spread symoblising past/current position; present/possibility or problem; Future/the outcome of the interaction.


I drew the 7 of cups.

"The emotions associated with this card are those stemming from within, from the unconcious mind and represent your hopes, desires and aspirations (Well. You really can't get more specific than that can you? Pretty much sums up my situation at the moment, eerily so!). Unfortunately, the card also indicates an element of confusion as to which of these represent an achievable reality and which are simply pipe-dreams (hmmm I've less than 20k written and never had a word of fiction published. me, confused nah. I'm the next Stephen King I tells ya!). It is important for you to choose wisely which paths to follow, but it may be that now is not the time to decide (Like i need to be told to procrastinate but at least now I have viable excuse - the cards told me to)"


I drew the King of Swords.

"Authority, self-confidence and an uncompromising professionalism are all the mark of the upright King of Swords. This card tends to represent someone in business or the law who will be a great assistance (Hmmmm . . . am I the only one thinking Literary Agent here hehehe :) . . . easy know I'm a pisces & optimist/dreamer eh! ) to you to help solve a major difficulty in your life (aka getting published hehe). Assertive to the point of being domineering (hmmmm. . . ), this man can be cold and remote in his interpersonal relationships (no gold stars or hugs then?) and as a result, prone to feeling lonely and isolated (well, if you gave me some hugs and stars every once in a while, maybe you wouldn't so isolated, duh!).


I drew 'The Hierophant'.

"This card has two main interpretations. One is that it signifies advice and guidance from a professional source - teacher, lawyer, spiritual adviser etc. (Literary Agent!?!) - either being sought by you or offered to you in one of these capacities. The other is that this card represents orthodoxy and conformity in your life (i.e. a paid job??), and indicates that observation of the moral, religious or social conventions of your culture will bring them greatest fulfillment (Yes, PAYCHECK!! Shopping. YaY!).

So to sum up. Writing at the moment is a bit up in the air, I'm not sure if it's reality or pipedream, but a nice cold domineering Literary Agent is going to change all that and give me some great advice, resulting in my conforming to the social conventions of my culture i.e. earning a wage = my greatest fulfillment = shopping. YaY!!

Think I shall keep up this Tarot stuff ;)

Thanks for dropping by!!


Alissa said...

Tarot cards are so much fun. :]

Anne R. Allen said...

I love Tarot. I think it somehow helps tap into the Collective Unconscious.

I call the 7 of cups the "too many choices" card. I'd say the reading means be decisive (the sword king) and choose a traditional path for now (the Hierophant.)

The Shape said...

It's all very general info that can be given to anyone. Most people could apply that info to something in their lives. It's a common technique for psychics, tarot readers, palmistry, numerology, astrology etc. That way they can never really be wrong because the information is not specific in any way...it is made specific by the person receiving the reading.

Emily Cross said...

@Alissa, yeah :) thanks for dropping by!

@AnneRAllen: You're probably right!

@The Shape: aw I know you're right, but it's a bit of craic all the same :)

Jon Paul said...

Very interesting. The part I like the best about tarot and other fortune telling methods is that it's alot about who/how the interpretation is done--and that can be the most revealing part.

Thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

Last year someone did tarrot for my over the internet. The 3 cards were Joker (I think that applied to military life), Then one showed that I was taking a break from creativity (writing for me) and the other was that I was very connected to nature (pregnant at the time). It was really intriguing.


Perhaps the paths are the genres you have to choose from.... better and more positive way to look at it. I'm a Libra I need balance and harmony so I have to even out the negative.

Also, I'm savoring Torment so it might be a few more days. It's a long book and I'm trying not to read it too fast like I usually do.


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