Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Something Wicked this way comes. . .

Something Wicked this way comes is a gothic novel by Ray Bradbury and was read for the Basics Challenge.

Writing a proper summary for this book is very difficult. Simply its a story of a strange carnival coming to town and two boys, Jim and Wills discovery of its horrific secret and purpose. This sentence summary doesn't do this story justice, as it touches on many themes such as the sins and follies of human kind, whether its the wish for youth (or age) or for immortality, on family, friendship or the soul.

To be perfectly honest i found this book to be a slow read, not because i found the story to be boring etc. or because i was 'making myself' read it but mostly due to the complexity and layers of the book which is reflected in Ray Bradbury's unusual (but amazing) writing.

Definitely a book i think that needs to be read several times, as I can imagine that each sentence and word of this novel was chosen for a specific reason. The style of the writing is so unusual and often confusing but reminds me of poetry/lyrics in the way it pulls you into the story.

I'm giving this book 4moons, because i'm still unsure of what to make of it? A book that needs time and a ponder, me thinks.


chicknamedhermia said...

I could never read that! A good book shouldn't need you to read it a million times or at a snails pace to get it. The best books are the books with an easy flow so you enjoy reading it and that also have new things to discover every time you read it!

Emily Cross said...

I agree with you, especially in relation to books being enjoyable to read and allowing new things to find when you read (e.g. for me would be Pride & Prejudice) but this book left me slightly confused and feeling stupid lol.

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