Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is nothing Sacred!?!?!?!

Incredible busy at the moment but I HAD to POST about this.


Buffy without Joss is like life without chocolate. . .


I just don't understand why they would touch that series. It's perfect as it is.

Don't touch my Childhood!!!

Why don't the just make another firefly movie instead (with Joss!!!) which would make Joss fans actually happy!!

God, the movie/tv gods just love to step on Joss Whedon alot - no matter what he does and how amazing his writing and stories are - they are cancelled or (now) rebooted :(

Emily is not a happy camper. I just know in my bones that they are going to twilightise/vampire diarify it into something completely unoriginal.

Time to rewatch the Buffy box set me thinks. . . then the angel one. . . then a bit of firefly and serenity. . . then a bit of dollhouse too.



Christine Danek said...

First--love the pic.
Second--what? Please tell me the series stays with Joss. I love it the way it is. Classic and perfect.
**shakes head**
Why to TV people mess things up?
I need to go watch my box sets and smile.

Clare C. Greenstreet said...

What's going on? Don't tell me Buffy is getting rebooted! What will happen to the Buffy comic?

Emily Cross said...

@Christine & Clare:

There planning a reboot of BTVS into a new movie, without Joss whedon or the original cast.

He's not too happy about it himself, but said all he can do is 'sigh'.

I'd say the comics are safe enough

Anne R. Allen said...

The film industry does like to cannibalize itself, doesn't it? It seems doubly unfair because Buffy started the whole teen/vampire thing, back when vampires were cool.

Remakes are almost always sucky, but people will go to see just how sucky they are, and that's money in the till. Yuck.

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