Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snowbody Snows the trouble I've seen. . .

. . . Snowbody snows the sorrow!

It seems the weather gods have decided to kick Ireland when it's down and sent on some lurvly weather for us.

Personally I rumble and grumble (cause I like to anyway) but really I love me some snow, when it's nice and fluffy and white . . .

Yesterday, the snow was slushy brown yuke which had turned to ice and was absolutely leg breaking lethal, but now new snow is falling (i'm watching from my work window - yes, I'm actually in my office and no I'm not working ha!) and everything is white again. YaY.

The snow is so perfect it actually looks fake! I just hope this doesn't mean that we don't get a white Christmas - that we've had our quota for the year and the big woman (mother nature duh) upstairs decides to cut us off!

Yes, I like the snow.

It's just such a pity about the people (i.e. brats - and when I say brats I'm talking 20 something brats- who decided to pelt my window with snowballs and have basically a stockpile of snow balls and are waiting near the walkway to throw them at random girls. . . is this the winter mating ritual of the maleificus studentus?)

Mental note: Must ask David Attenbourgh

Edit: Work has closed for the day.


Clare C. Greenstreet said...

Snow is always great when you don't have to go out in it. Or at least when it's all new and no-one has walked in it.

Chanelle said...

It's like that in London too. Where I live, which is a little more South of London, the snow is calf deep and every mode of transport has been severly affected. It was fun getting to work today and back!! Not.
But I do love the look of snow. Yesterday, when it first started, I was at home. So I could watch it from the window in the warmth :)

Emily Cross said...

@Clare - so true! I've taken some fab pics I may post them!

@ Chanelle - I heard London was particularly bad. Where I am, (my parents) its quite deep but is thawing a bit now.

I don't mond fresh snow, it's when it hardens and become ice like that it's lethal.

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