Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It was mentioned by some readers (the lovely WhiteRabbit) that they would like to see some of my writing. Although I'm wary about posting stuff on the internet (i've had stuff plagarised before), I thought I'd start posting some shorts and poems and see how it goes.

Below is a poem I've written a good while ago, and one I actually love (which is rare for me), sadly no one else (editors) seemed to share my lurv lol. So here you go: Emo away :)

Quite a masterpiece I know. lol.


Anne R. Allen said...

You've got some powerful images here. "Grievous walls" and the "cracked gray.." lines grabbed me immediately.

What if you cut the first two lines of the first two stanzas? Nothing wrong with them, but they're not as original as what follows after "stones".

It feels very ancient and Irish. I love it.

Andrea said...

I like it. It's very Poeish. Those publishers don't know anything...LOL!

LauraCassidy said...

Ooh! I like it!

Emily Cross said...

@Anne - thanks for your Advice! Definitely rethink those stanzas :)

@Andrea - aw bless you, Thanks :)

@Laura - thanks, glad you liked it!

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