Thursday, February 3, 2011

7 things you didn't know about me. . .

The wonderful wise Anne R Allen has given me the Versatile Blogger Award!! YaY! As part of this award I have to tell 7 things about myself that you might not know and then pass this award on to a few lurvly people!

1. My real name is . . . Mary! Yes, I know incredibly dull name, but tis a family name. My current nick name is Fairy Mary - because I'm away with the fairies. An improvement on previous names such as mad mary, scary mary, hairy mary (pre-tweezers pre-teen eyebrows - this one hurt). Other nicknames include Maud (something about mystic maud - a tabloid psychic), Mare (shortening of Mary but also because of my love for horses) and Moy (a weird mixed version of my mothers name/my irish name).

2. I never played with dolls as a kid - I ALWAYS played with My Little Ponies. Before I was allowed MLPs (due to my mothers fear I would choke on the hair) she had to go into local shop (which thankfully sold little plastic farm sets separately) and buy little plastic ponies for me!!

3. Building on the doll vs. pony theme. My mother (bless her!) had to go into the local video shop when Chucky first came out (as they had big stand up of him in the window) because I would throw a FIT, a hysterical fit every single time we went past the shop. My mother for peace of mind (because the video shop refused to remove it from the window) spent the next three weeks take a 9 mile journey home instead of a 3 mile journey because of yours truly. To this day, I HATE those freaky evil things that are porcelein dolls.

So yeah, I still don't like dolls. not mad about teddies either. But my little pony rocks!

4. I am a SERIOUS arachnophobic. I can't even type that word *****phobic without quivering. This results in alot of fastforwarding and closing of eyes for certain scenes of certain movies (because Hollywood has a festish for giant tarantulas - the bastards! Like Chucky wasn't enough trauma!!!!)

5. In first year of my Arts degree, I took Ancient Civilisations. I have a thing for ancient civilisations . . . something about men in flowy robes ;)

6. I'm a pisces, whose ascendent is in aquarius (but is sometimes pisces??), whose moon is in Capricorn.

In short: BirthChart

7. I was meant to be born on my uncles birthday - 12th february. I bypassed valentines and 12 days later was born on 24th - my Granny and Grandads wedding anniversary. My sister was born on this Grandad's birthday (missing my other by a day) while my brother is born on my Granny's birthday. Quite cosmic.

My other brother is a freak and was born on his own birthday!

So there you go - 7 rambling too much information truths!!! See what happens when you make me talk about myself = Scary Mary makes an appearance!!!

Emily is a much more stable persona!

I have to pass this award onto some people now:

Laura Jane Cassidy - the nicest author I have ever meet!!
Clare Greenstreet - because she always comments :)
White Rabbit - It's nice to know I'm not the only one who lands themself into awkward moments!
Claire Hennessy - Irish Prodigy
Parajunkee - Talented does not describe!


Anne R. Allen said...

OMG, this is very freaky. I'm a Pisces with Capricorn rising and Moon in Aquarius (but some people say Pisces.) And one of my teenage nicknames was Maud. (I never knew why, but it was better than Zombie.)And my first year of college, I was a Classical Archaeology major.

Totally cosmic.

But I adored dolls. I dressed them up as witches and formed covens that put spells on my friends' stupid Barbies.

Clare C. Greenstreet said...

yay! thank you for the award!

And Mary isn't that much of a dull name.

LauraCassidy said...

Aww thanks Mary!!

You revealed your name, now I don't feel like I have top secret information anymore... :)

I LOVED my little ponies. Haha that's so funny about Chucky.

clairehennessy said...

Oh, thanks... Mary! :)

We share a birthday, incidentally - am the 24th too!

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