Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello to 2009!!

So its the 31st, New Years Eve. i plan in a few hours to be with my friends, in a nightclub/pub/house party having some craic!! Last years new years eve was actually very good, which was a pleasant surprise as usual this night is horrendous and i hate it. I shall try not to hate it tonight. Happy face Happy Face.....anyhooo i won't whinge on about NY eve or my very lack of success when it comes to resolutions. This year i have 4 very important resolutions......

1. Lose weight - become a uk size 12/10 - thorugh healthier eating and gym (oh i know i can hear breidget jones giggling too at that one)
2. finish the first draft of the NoName Novel.
3. Stop cursing (this is going to be sooooooooo hard)
4. Finish the soul sucking course and get a back breaking heart wrecking job.

I'd be happy to get half of four done....i don't like work as a rule.

So, although these are only 4 resolutions they are pretty big ones. The first one has been on the resolution list for quite some number of NY eves so i must tackle it!!!
the second one i really hope i'll succeed in and plan to! third - well mostly for my mother and i suppose i do talk like a tramp. and the fourth - again one for the family.

so yeah NY eve,
I'll report in tomorrow probably with any scandal from tonight....if my hangover permits it lol


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Welcome Zaera!! (eh i think)

Considering the amount of time i place don searching for pics for Azael i decided i should do the same for Zaera (she is the MC after all - duh emily)

I found it quite difficult to see anything that spoke Zaera to me, weirdly although she is the MC of the NoName Novel and it is in her point of view - i am still only getting a feel for her.

Azael however i feel as a character i know better - his motives, intentions and motivations are that bit clearer. If i really think about it - Zaera is unclear because i haven't figured out what is her motivation yet. She has the visions and is the catalyst etc. but the whys of her actions i still need to figure out...ugh.....

anyhoo here is a VERY brief background that i have so far.

Brief Bio: Zaera, is single daughter to the local doctor of a very small village. She was born blind and has never seen in her whole life. Her mother died when she was 8 and her father grew even more protective of her and obsessive about coming dangers. three days before there is warning of an attack on her village, she has a vision for the first time. She dismisses it as a dream (althoug being blind she has never had a visual dream) and ignores the warning. a day later her father places her in the rabbit hole (shelter he built) as there is a warning of raids on the border. Although there is no danger to the village he makes her stay there when he goes to help the army on the borders.
She remains there for the next two days, then the village is attacked. she meets Azael for the first time and he leaves her to die. She is racked with guilt for her own ignorance of the visions. She is found by a troop of sympathetic smugglers who take her in.
i'm hoping for some serious character growth revolving around her dependency which is due to her disability, reliance on her father (and others) and her fear of being alone (after almost dying of thirst in the bunker - thanks to azael).

I'm hoping once i figure out her motivation of following the visions (apart from the conseuqences of not!) she'll become more clearer in my mind.

anyhoo, i didn't find something that really clicked - image wise yet, but here are some of the contenders and i think you can get the general gist of what i'm looking for......

This picture is beautiful and i think its very close to Zaera in looks and in facial expression (that far away look in her eyes)

This is another (although the hair colour etc. isn't right) which is very Zaera, concerned worry but gentle look is very her as well.

This image (left) is a general good picture for Zaera - Brown eyes, brown hair and has a general delicate/gentle aura about her.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Xmas Everybody!!

Well first off : MERRY CHRISTMAS

I hope everyone had a good one, i would have post this yesterday but we had lots of visitors etc. and i was trying to figure out how to work my new nano (16gb - yay!!).

Anyhoo, i posted a list of what i wanted to get done during this week - my week is almost coming to a close and of course i haven't gotten everything on that list finished or ahem .....started.


Prologue: i did get the reworked prologue done and sent it off to my various beta's, so far feedback has been good - small wording issues etc, need to be sorted but overall people seem to like it. After i've done edited the prologue i'm going to put it away for a while and forget about it till i'm finished the first draft. If i let myself look at it more than once - i WILL freak myself out and change it more......changes can wait till 1st draft at this point.

Chapter 1: ok i definitely underestimated how much work needed to go into this. Now i had 700 words for this already but upon rereading it i scraped the whole thing, only using it as an outline for some of the events. Now currently i'm at 1,375 words with the new chapter and i'm hoping to get 5,000 words for it (although trying not to count words). i'm happier with this rework, but i know the bit of writing i did this morning isn't up to scratch. I kept writing and i'll probably re-edit it later - like i did with the original prologue
I'm hoping that i won't lose the intensity of it with the presence of descriptions etc. my original RD (rough draft) of chapter 1 was very sparse on any sort of setting or description (like my prologue) but still was called 'intense'.

Anyhoo point is i was hoping to have both prologue and chapter 1 done for New Years. I may get that done if i extend the NaNoWriWeek by a few days (up to new years).

I'm still deciding on this though, as i have exams and assignments due soon which i haven't started. although i would LOVE to forget everything from now till .....ever...... i have to remember the soul sucking course!!


I may have to wait till the end of January when till NaNoWriFortnight (2 weeks off after exams with noooo deadlines in sight) to finish chapter 1 properly. Originally i was hoping to get two chapters done in the fortnight (chapter 2, 3) but now i'd say i'll be lucky to have a RD of chapter 2 done.

Not that it matters, the way things are in the publishing world, i'd say i'll have till 2011 to just sit on this novel - hopefully then the Big Publishers backlists will be gone and they'll be new work....

I hope!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Picture of Azael

Ok, so i bought this sketch book years ago - cause it was purple and pretty and i thought i'll write in it at some point.

anyhoo after looking everywhere for Azael and finding a combo of pictures to work off of, i decided that i'd buy some cheap pencils and give this drawing thing a go.

now i've never done art or anything like that, i'm a doodler at most...

anyway, this is how i imagined Azael to look in my head......

The Fairytale Of Coldplay!!

Oh My Sweet Lord, I went to the new O2 last night to see Coldplay.


Now, the stadium itself is so confusing and is *gasp* all seated which is a bit .... much.....but seriously this one of the best gigs (meeting muse and the previous coldplay among them)

I have to say, coldplat are brilliant live, they really get the crowd going and the atmosphere last night was amazing. Chris couldn't believe us all singing along. 15,000 irish people going nuts in an enclosed space.

The highlight of the night for me though was when Coldplay did cover of the 'fairytale of newyork' - it really feels like xmas now!!

I do have most of the gig on my camera, but genius that i am i havent figured out how to download them off the camera, so here are ones i found that people have put up since last night.

The Coldplay version.

The Original Version of Fairytale of NY - Pogues and Late Kirsty MacColl


Merry Christmas

Friday, December 19, 2008

FREEDOM - Mel Gibson Style

So, I am FREE............................well at least till my head gets chopped wait sorry that was braveheart.

I'm free until about stephen's day, then back for exams due the 9 th and the 20th....oh joy, the new year looks so

*insert sarcasm right here*

bright and happy!

anyhoo, i'm not going to be all whingey about it (really? me?) i must be delirous from the tiredness.

So, tomorrow my own lil version of NaNoWriMo begins which i have christened NaNoWriWeek. I'm all geared up to go and hopefully *fingers crossed* the synapses will be firing, the mojo will be!?! and i'll get some progress made in this week.

My basic Goals and Plans are :

  • Sort out my stupid prologue - making it readable and most importantly 'understandable'
  • Finish my first chapter - adding more description and depth.
  • Edit like no one has edited before on this prologue and chapter
  • Email it to mon amies over at WD
  • Upon recieving the critique - i may/may not post it on the crapometer (I never learn) and see how people feel so far.
While the last two points are going on - i hope to have clearer idea WTF i'm at. YaY.

So stay tuned.....for whingey with a will be about WRITING. YAY!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Avatar & Banner!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Pianist_18 from the WD for these fabulous banners and avatar!!

Wow i'm starting to feel like i'm an actually writer with all this stuff!! yay!!

*sigh* now back to work - these reports and essays ain't gona write themselves. Ugh.......

Saturday, December 13, 2008

This time next week!

I know its a horrible thing to wish part of your life away but God i wish it was this time next week!! I have sooooo much to do its not even funny. Handed in my research proposal, now i 'just' have a 2000 word report for monday, a report on tuesday, 2 x presentations thurday and a 3,000 word essay on friday. F***!!

I don't know how i'm going to get this all done. I'm blogging for God's sake. I'm in denial mode which i always do so well!!

So yeah, i wish it was this time next week and instead of grumbling about the above, i'm actually writing my story. thankfully with all the stress, my mind wanders back to it and i have a decent outline for prologue, chap 1 and 2. after that well who knows..........

wish i did hahaha

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Azael's First Picture!!

A huge thank you to Claire C. Greenstreet for this first picture and dare i say first 'fan art' of Azael. YAY!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Azael: I think i have him now

So ok, I have so much work to do it is not funny, so what do i do? i start google anime characters to get an image of my MC in my head.........................ugh...................yes i AM that stupid.

So here is a little information about azael - he is a half human half (haven't come up with species name). He has a human complexion with Black marks on his face. White hair and very bright blue eyes. He's not 'handsome' in the traditional sense, but he;s not grotesque either. His father was (lets call them species for now) and his mother human.

In my mind species are sort of shadow like humanoid creatures of the night (lol - think nightcrawler from xmen) - unlike Azael purebred species are completely black all over (like demon sykes from charmed black) with white hair and very bright red eyes.

EDIT: Found a picture of my 'species' (disclaimer - not mine)

Azael gets his 'human' complexion and blue eyes from his mother. He is weaker than the average species cause he's half human but acts and considers himself more species than man.

Species mate for life (like swans), generally pacifist to outsiders or others troubles - mind their own business is their mantra. They are part of the world (and are known by humans) but are rarely seen as they like to keep themselves separate. Humans don't have great love for them though due to them being viewed as 'demons'.

So I have searched (and please if anyone can photo shop or find a more suitable image of Azael to use as a model - PLEASE let me know. I don't know much of the anime universe to be able to find something. I only just discovered DMC for pics - disclaimer: don't own the below pics.)

So Azael is a combo of :

This image is more about how i imagine azael's face to be both in colour and shape (including ears) - also probably more black around the eyes.

This is what i believe Azael's physique will be like overall except more animalistic in post. I don't see him as 'strong looking' but deceptively wiry.

The overall Image of him - except again needs to be less 'strong' looking from a human POV.

So what do you think? BTW for those who read the excerpt of my 1st chapter - Azael is the 'it' in the cellar

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Editing Business ala SeraPhyn

So at the chronicles of Emily Cross we have a sort of love for the good Sera Phyn, aspiring author of 'Fallen', admin/mod of the twilight lexicon, and overall decent human being.

You may have noticed in the link sections of both here and my website (shameless plug) i have linked to both her blog (another shameless plug) and her website (yup, no shame).

Sera Phyn was nice enough to plug this blog and my website on both her blog and website (see this is where the decent human being part comes in) so i felt it only right to return the favour.

Granted, this blog hardly has a large audience, but i want to spread the love and news.

Sera Phyn is offering an editing and novel consultation service on her website for authors. She specialises in fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, young adult, and science fiction.

Here is the link to her editing website on her lovely website (i'm a plugger as well as a blogger - what can i say):

Sera Phyn Editing services

It's December.............why i'm not in the xmas mood.

it's the 7th of December, and instead of prancing about the place in my santa suit, listening to david bowie singing drummer boy (lurv that song), I am sitting in my bed, laptop on lap (killing any chances of little emily crosses being born in the future) 'sorting' through all my research for my research proposal. Of course, i'm also blogging, as you do when you have a gazzillion deadlines and no time.

aw well. I wouldn't be me if i didn't procrastinate.

Although the course is killing all my writing time - i'm looking forward to doing research (if it remains as is). Many of you (basically the 2 people who read this blog) may not know that my undergrad degree is in psychology. So i have made my research proposal as psyche as possible mwahahahahahahahaha,....................i'll probably fail as a result. anyhooo, i think this is why i'm not bleeding tears over the idea of doing the thesis for the course.

Now in regards to the essays and presentations i have due and haven't even started -well i won't be surprised if i'm bald by the end of term.

I don't know about yeh, but i have not been able to get xmassy at all this year. Combination of post grad course and family stuff me thinks.

well, apart from bitching about the lack of xmas cheer in my life, i have made up a lil timetable (Noooooooo!!) for when university is on hiatus

So, from 20th - 26th December -

1.i'm going to finish chapter 1 (with proper tenses and you know that descriptive setting stuff we all love),

2. make my prologue less 'dense' and basically less crap.

3. when its suitable re-edited within an inch of its life I plan to email it to some of the beta's on the WD critique system and to others i hope will look at it (*cough*JB*cough*Pianist_18*cough*)

Then back to the world of studying stuff for the course.

then i have 2 weeks from 25th Jan - 8th Feb.

YES!!!!! Not a deadline in sight.

So i hope to have 1st draft of chapter 2 & 3 done in those two weeks (thats a lot of writing but this will be my nanowrifortnight. hehehe. Yay!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

700 words...Amazing!!

I am so proud of myself! I wrote about 700 words over the weekend for my nameless novel. Add that to my useless 'incomprehenisble' prologue and i'm well over the 1,ooo mark! they say it gets easier from here on out.

Seriously though, (i am serious about that word count) I was on the writers draft and i was reading a post about an author feeling like a failure for not reaching her goal of finishing her first draft by december. It reminded my of what happened about two days ago. I found this old notebook of mine with a list of deadlines and goals etc. Talk about depressing - the only thing i accomplished was finishing my degree!

My room is full of these 'good intention' notes and notebooks. Goals, aims, deadlines etc that i will never ever keep to! it is depressing to think about.

Anyhoo, the authors post describes what i felt a few weeks ago about my 'masterpiece'. I spent time trying to do lists of character bios etc which i had heard were good to do. I had set a number of words to do per day cause thats another tip i heard. I set deadlines for specific chapters..BLAH BLAH BLAH.......

what was i at?? First i lost the plot (literally) - i was swamping myself with stress of deadlines for something i didn't even have a plot for. I'm not good with deadlines. So why did i think it would work when it comes to my writing? i realised i'm not that sort of writer. My writing was suffering and the creative juices weren't flowing and i kept thinking 'this should be easier' I couldn't even think of what my first chapter should be.

So, I had an epiphany ..eventually.......(after i killed a few trees with all those notes) I am not an organised person. Why would i be a organised writer??

They say your room says alot about mother would say it says SLOB but i see 'creative clutter'. I have a method to my madness so shouldn't it work for my writing?

Yes. I think so.

I don't know if this sounds stupid or not but, I said to myself I'm not going to force it. I have all the time in the world to write this novel. I'm only 21. why am i putting extra pressure on myself (when i've enough already).

so i decided that when something pops into my head like a scene or whatever i'll jot it down, and when i'm good and ready i'll sit down and write it roughly. Took a week, was sitting on the train and this scene literally popped into my head I jotted the details down and left it for ages, but i just let my thoughts mull on it.

Sat down and wrote the 1st draft today thinking i'll just write this scene. i wrote more than i thought i would, and i know what my 1st chapter will be now.

Granted i don;t know where i'm headed after that - i have a rough plot but screw it - this loose sort of attitude is fun. It sounds mad i know but i have no idea where this story is headed so its exciting when something pops into my head.

So the moral of this post?

Don't be something your not! I am not an organised person in any aspect of my life. I'm a messy clutterer who walks around with pen on her face, wears odd socks and doesn;t care.

I don't put titles on my work, feel quesy even stamping chapter numbers on things. Like my work, i'm a constant 'work in progress' and a deadline free zone!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Good Idea/Bad Idea: Pen names

Pen Names: Good Idea/ Bad idea

What is in a name?

The debate about whether a pen name benefits or hinders your writing career is still being hotly debated. It is my understanding (from all those hours spent scouring websites for useless info) that the benefits/damage of a pen name all depends on a person's specific circumstance.

Some of the biggest names (pun) in writing have used pen names e.g. Stephen King, Nora Roberts etc. so the question is: Is it good/bad for you? Only you know what your circumstances/ personal preference are. Personally for me, I didn't believe my 'real' name was marketable, also at the time i chose Emily Cross, there was a chance that i would become an academic writer. And well you know Emily Cross is such a coooool name.

Below I'm going to go into the pros/cons of having a pen name (links to info sites below)

Richard Bachman, Lewis Carroll, Trevanian, George Sand, Mark Twain, Nora Roberts, Stephen King. All these authors and a load more have written some of their best works under a pseudonym (pen name). I'm going to briefly outline the Good Points of having a Pseudonym:

Anonymity: This is the most common reason why first time writers use a pen name. As a first timer, we have a lot to prove both to ourselves, publishers, family and friends. Sometimes being able to hide behind another identity makes this easier.
On a less personal level some authors chose the anonymity of a pen name as they wish to separate their 'day' job from their writing job. for example, a professor of literary fiction who spends their nights writing 'genre' fiction may not wish to be known under the same name.

Marketability: If you have the name 'Amanda Bent' (yes i knew someone with that name) you could hardly hope to be taken seriously as a writer. Alot of authors whose names are less crinchy, chose a pseudonym because they understand that in the 21st century being an author is not just about the writing. its about the 'Brand' of your name, the marketability and finally the SALES. A recent example (although it is her real name) is Stephenie Meyer - her name has become a market onto itself and is instantly recognisable as the leading name in YA fiction. Stephenie Meyer is a suitable name for an author in the genre of female YA fiction. I doubt Twilight would seem half as appealing to its 'audience' if it was written by 'Butch Weeds'. As i have found out recently - platforming and reaching out to your audience/ readership is key to success. So think long and hard about picking your name.

Crossing the Genre: Many established writers such as Nora Roberts change their name when establishing themselves in another genre. Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb gave the illusion and 'expectation' of the thriller/crime genre by not eluding to her previous writing or even her gender. Its important not to confuse readers/fans by publishing works that are completely different from the genre you usually write in. Ian Banks was asked to provide a pseudonym for his Science fiction works. Ian M. Banks was born. Clever Man, lets his readers know with one letter what to expect.

Protection: A pseudonym in some cases provides protection to the author if they are going to publish something controversial and can also add a sense of credibility to a work. Sadly although in most places gender of a writer does not matter, a pseudonym can protect an author by hiding their sex, ethnicity, race and even religion. A pseudonym can also protect an author from themselves. Writings which were 'flops' can be forgotten and the author can start a new with a new identity or their original name.

Pseudonym is it a Bad idea? Many authors/editors/publishers for legal, copyright and sales issues believe so feeling it can have a hit/miss appeal with readership. here are some of the main arguments against pen names.

Sign of the amateur? Many Literary agents and publishers see the pen name as the sign of an amateur, and often question whether the author themselves are actually proud of their work. Apart from the headache's it provide publishers/editors to sign cheques to fictional name etc. it is a gamble for them on whether this pen name will work as a 'brand'. Often first time pen names can come across as gimmicky or even pretentious and can affect whether a L.A or publisher will want to work with an author. During the course of researching for this article, the advice 'use your real name unless its horrible' is heavily emphasised. Basically establish yourself and only when you go to a different genre - consider a pen name.
Media Frenzy: In today's media crazy world, anonymity is not realistic or should i say 'profitable'. The book business has changed and the image of the writer as an isolated fellow in slippers and dressing gown are done and dusted. Book signings, Radio, TV shows etc. are the order of the day in a writers life. The fans want to know their authors and interact with them. Example Stephenie Meyer, she used the Internet to reach out to her small base of fans - and by the time the third novel of the TW quadrilogy came out she was on the top of the new york times best seller list. You have to be prepared to face the media, promote your book and promote your pen name too. Fans like their authors to be transparent. Often the pen name can back fire into 'flops' and low sales if the readers favour turns.
Legality/copyright: This is a complicated area, which many first time authors forget to consider. i REALLY am not qualified to even begin to explain how this all works but i just want to make people AWARE that you have to consider that a pen name will en cure more work.

I hope the Good Idea/Bad Idea points have helped.

Remember: Pseudonyms are generally a personal choice and can be determined by a number of factors such as previous experience, situations, and future prospects. Its up to you to Decide.

When i decided to pick Emily Cross, I had to consider a few things. At the bottom of the article i've provided a few tips i kept in mind.

The Logistics of Pseudonyms

I found the below excerpt from Moira Allen's article extremely helpful as to how to go about 'introducing' your Pseudonym to publishers (link to her article below).
If anyone shows further interest, let me know, i may look into the schematics of the 'hows' and 'legal stuff' of introducing it and do a separate post addressing this issue (and maybe hunt down what some common L.agents/publishers' stances are on this)

Often, writing under a pseudonym is as easy as putting the phrase "writing as" on your manuscript. For articles, short stories, and poetry, you can simply put your real name in the upper left corner of your manuscript (or on the cover page), and list your pen name as your byline beneath the title. However, to ensure that your editor publishes the work under the "correct" name, you may want to remind the editor in your cover letter that you are "writing as" your pseudonym.

The final thing to keep in mind when using a pseudonym is that it will not protect you from any legal action that might result from your writing. A pseudonym has no existence as a "legal" entity; no matter what name you put on your work, the ultimate responsibility for that work always rests on you.

Tips when it comes to Pen Names:
  • Don't pick something generic or forgettable but also don't pick something too gimmicky or hard to spell. You'll need something that will appeal to your publishers/editors and to you readership, so memorable but easy to spell is KEY
  • Think about Shelving: if you are writing in a certain genre think about where your books will be placed. Most publishers/authors think a name beginning in the ABC's is a good idea.
  • Research: Its easy now a days to google your name and see if its already taken. There are a number of Emily Cross out there, but none are authors/writers and none are serial killers or criminals so for now i think i'm safe.
  • Pick a name which reflects the genre you are writing in: if you plan to write horrors, the pen name Zoe Valentine will not provide the 'expectation' that readership looks for.
  • Look into the legalities and copyright before signing contracts etc. Make sure it is clear that you own the pen name.

Articles Used:

Should a writer adopt a Pen name?

Moira Allen Article

Further Information:

Author Names

Information on the legal and copyright issues involved in using a pseudonym

If you have any questions or comments on whether this was helpful, Let me know!

Also if you have any specific topic you want in the next good idea/bad idea post let me know!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Choo Choo Choo..........Christmassy Grinch

There is something really exciting about being on a train, using your laptop and being online - all at the same time. Aw if only Agatha Christie could see me now....

Anyhow, its friday evening and i'm on my way home from Uni after a gruelling day of essay results and presentation slides (i was up at 6am this morning doing tired). I wish i could say this is the end of it, but this is only the beginning!!

I'm commuting every single morning to the capital of my country.....which is packed with Xmas Crap and shoppers. Now, i'm all for the Xmas, but the crowds....and the children.....and the buggies....i feel like i've been through the first 15 minutes of Saving Private Ryan...and its still NOVEMBER!!!!!

Ugh the thoughts of the coming December make me want to cry...alot!!

Apart from the commuting and Xmas nightmare, the workload and looming exams are killing me. I seem to have no free time at all - even to write! It's gotten sooooo BAD that i'm dreaming about it!

So what is the point of this garbly worded post from an exhausted postgrad sitting on a train?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Me...and a website...what could go wrong?

So, after pondering terminology such as 'cookies' (v scary things......conspiracy theory, anyone?) 'terms and conditions' and 'privacy policy' i ticked the 'i agree' box on one of those 'free website' set ups....

Now, don't judge me. I'm a poor (bankrupt and in debt) student so my thinking is that i'm not worth scamming/spamming etc. so i think i must be realtively safe....although it seems its all up to 'YOU' (i.e. me) to make sure 'YOUR' site is safe etc. Considering i'm not the most technological minded person this may be.....problematic...

Anyhoo although i don't like when they say 'they can change the terms & conditions without notifying you' i still signed up as 'all the cool kids are doing it' such as JB.

So i gave into peer pressure... if i'm going to platform i'm going to need a website (even if its crap)

In an ideal world i wish i could afford the amazing skills of Lee Child and John Connolly website designer who are just AMAZING. I live on JC blog and site - and she just captures the essence of his writing!! (and for a alright fee does all that nitty and critty website work)

Promise to self: the second i am published i am contacting this woman!! (if she'll have me lol)

So back to the point:

Here it is:

The Chronicles of Emily Cross

or just

P.S. OMG i can;t change the font on this stoopid website......argh why aren;t i rich....and published!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thank You!!

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to the lovely Sera Phyn for giving me a lovely plug on both her website and her blog. She is one of the sweetest virtual people i have meet online and her site is amazing. This woman has some great advice on her website especially in regards to her stance on FF. Seriously recommend you all pay a visit!

I'd also like to thank Vanessa from InkWell writers workshop for including this blog in her december newsletter.

Also huge thank you to the amazing ladies (especially the Queen herself JB) over at WD who have added me on their blog watch. and JB who has been regularly commenting *mwah*

Much appreciate it!!

(Links to blogs and website our on the right)

Evil Editor cracks the whip

Well since the below post - my 200 words have made it onto the evil editors first page.

here is the link New beginning 573

I'm not sure if i can take the excerpt (including the new 'beginning') without making a faux pas so i'm just going to provide a link.

So 1st. My prologue was misinterpreted as someone speaking (and then it seems it was preferred that way)

2nd. alot of confusion about what it was about - lots of words were used by reviewers like 'dense' 'a bit much' 'incomprehensible' - not feeling the love for 'beth' critique but i appreciate what she was saying and other reviewers like ellie were very constructive too. I'll admit the critiques hurt but i'm not going to be stupid and huffy about it and disregard what was said.

So, i'm thinking now, i may have to go back to the drawing board. Perhaps i don't have the skill or vision yet to sit down and write decently or should i say 'comprehensible'. I don't know if this is a 'crisis of faith' or approaching writing in a different light, but i need to do something, right?

So, I'm thinking that i shall have to start focusing on 'practicing' alot so i can get the best results when i do sit down and complete this novel.

So i think that perhaps its time to 'hone' my 'craft' on smaller projects (and not on fanfiction) such as short stories.

In my mind they are just as difficult to write as a novel except completion would be quicker, and i could start getting into the habit of rereading and editing etc and submitting work in for publication. this way i'm both establishing my platform and honing my writing.

So am i just in denial of being an awful writer? running away? or is this a sensible plan?

If i could figure the polls out - i still wouldn't be arsed to poll this lol

emily signing out

Monday, November 10, 2008

Am i Krazy with a capital K?


"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than write for the public and have no self"
Cyril Connolly

Well now a second post within a day - amazing how 'real life' work motivates one to do other things.

anyhoo. The important question i'm asking myself today is 'am i Krazy?'

On a normal day i'm crazy with a small 'c' but i think today (with hindsight) i'm alot of Krazy with a big K and a dash of desperate.

Why? you ask. Well, I am the genius writer, of approx 500 words of a manuscript, who decided to email the EVIL EDITOR with the first 150-200 words of chapter 1 (chapter 1 which is still 500 words) so that it can be put up as a 'new beginning' - this means Ladies and Gents that strangers look at my 150-200 words (which are looking crapper the more i see them) and make up the next 200 words from it - creating a 'new beginning' and of course when its posted on EVIL EDITOR BLOG people can comment on the whole affair.

So i've explained the Krazypart, but what about the desperate? Well, this is the real why behind my actions. I desperately want an honest opinion of what i've written from people with 'experience' etc. who aren't going to be 'nice' cause they know me.

I think we all want this.

We thrive on feedback, but the 'its amazing' mantra from mom and dad isn't quite the contructive critique that it used to be....

Unbiased constructive critique is what i was looking for....and I know i'll GET it now (as in Italien Mafia 'get it'). lol.

With Hindsight, probably not the smartest move a writer of 500 words could make.........

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Writing Here I Come!!!

Hello all and Welcome to my blog.

A Brief Introduction is probably in order.

Currently i'm a graduate student who is doing a course which makes me basically want to cry with boredom. This course will hopefully lead to a boring soul sucking job which will pay the bills and keep me alive....

This is the 'real life' situation (real life = crap)

Anyhow, my language is as usual atrocious (as is my spelling - ignore that if you're a Literary Agent)

Basically i want to be a writer - preferably a published paid one.

i have begun a novel which has no title (you can see i'm a real 'Monica' from friends type...oh so organised) but has characters that i love, a plot i can live with and hopefully a writing style that won't make one's eyes bleed.

In the past week with an amazing 500 words of a manuscript (ok can i really call it that when it isn't even 2 pages? ) written up and saved in numerous places under numerous names (paranoid? probably - computers hate me) I thought i was doing well.....Ha, How wrong i am!

A mind numbing report is due for my 'real life' work so, as always when these things are due, i decided that procrastinatation by blog hopping would be more fun. During my travels I came across various editors/LA/authors/aspiring authors blogs.

What a goldmine of information! Both helpful and terrifying!! (note to self: should NOT have bought all those 'idiots guide to' books on writing)

Now i am not a blog hopping virgin, i have done this before, and i'm proud to say that i have foundthe 'Bestselllers list' of blogs like Ms. Snark, Crapometer and Evil editor (look at 'my blogs'). today i have found a similar gem Moonrat's site - an editor with a heart and some really good advice !!

especially in the below article:

Moonrat's Guide to Getting Published

Now i have heard this information before (and i'm sure you have as well from both the internet, writers market etc. ) but i've never seen such an emphasis on 'PLATFORM BUILDING'.

Honestly i feel i should be wearing a hard hat!!

Alas i don't speak of the building trade or shoes...

Platform building is as Moonrat says:

Your platform consists of your relevant professional credentials and your published writing experience. Another really important component is your marketing outreach--even if you're superqualified to write this book, are you going to be able to get the word out when pub time comes?
She (i assume she) highlights that previous publications, expertise in a writing area etc are essential to get you ahead of the pack. she also emphasises Networking - especially online networking - blogging, websites, forums you're a member of, membership to associations and charities that relate to your book etc...basically its like your secondary (highschool) CV (resume) all over again.

Its all about building up a 'fan base' or 'readership'!

so I just want to say Welcome Readership!!

EMILY needs YOU to actually make me look like i've fans.

For a book that consists of 500 words. Yay.


anyhow this is basically the background of the how and the why of this blog! I plan to update it at least once a week with either articles/blogs i've discovered on the internet, book reviews/recommendations or details of my thrilling writing career....

So click on the right column over there that says 'followers' -

i swear i'm not a cult.....yet...hehehe.. and join!!
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