About Me

Emily Cross is a pseudonym aspiring to be a published and (hopefully well) paid author. By day, she is a mild-mannered if not neurotic nobody. By night, she is Emily Cross, a blog hopping chocoholic with delusions of literary grandeur, who procrastinates her time  through tweeting, blogging and posting random thoughts across the blogosphere

Someday soon - in the not so distant future, she hopes that she'll finally complete the first of a trilogy entitled 'DarkShines' and be 'published'. She knows the road is long and hard and her chances slim, but  considering a fortune teller told her she would make it . . .

(Ok, he told me it would take 8 years for 'something to happen' but I'm nothing if not an optimist)

She knows she's just about guaranteed to get there (because fortune tellers are always right, duh!)

So stay tuned because around 2018, I'm gonna make it. Wahoo!!

Thanks for dropping by the blog, please take some time and have a wander about the place. I promise, I'll behave.
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