Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review: Wounded by Lindsay Buroker

Two small disclaimers before I review "Wounded"

1. I received Wounded as a review copy but I promise this is an honest (if not a bit gushy) review.

2. I do NOT read contemporary romance. . . or well contemporary anything for that matter. When I read a book, I want someone to either be in a corset, wearing a sword, howling at the moon, flashing fangs or flying in a steam-punk dirigible.

So when I say I could not put this book down - I want you to realise how much I enjoyed this book.

"Wounded" is a contemporary romance with a dash of mystery/thriller which Lindsay Buroker does so well. Wounded tells the story of Tara, a feisty blogging expert, who ends up living in an eco village for the summer. Low and behold, the very night Tara arrives she finds a chicken's head on her doorstep. Enter Mr. Grouchy but hunky Malcolm Ashcroft who has a feud running with the leader of the eco village and is the prime suspect for poultry decapitation. Tara being an investigative or rather nosy soul lands herself in the middle of the mystery and is looking for answers.

I'm a huge fan of Lindsay Buroker's fantasy series "Emperor's Edge" (if you have not read this - SHAME on you!). I think fans of her EE series are going to find a lot in this book to like as this book also has great characters and witty dialogue that is similar to EE-universe books.

I think the sign of a great author is having a "voice" and Lindsay's "voice" which is alive in the EE series - remains here in Wounded. The witty remarks, the lovable and sarcastic characters, the great relationships that stay with you long after you're finished - it's all here.

I also think people new to Lindsay and more contemporary readers (really, you don't like assassins or vampires - what?!) will really enjoy this book as it is light and fun with great characters. I especially liked the side characters of Jasmine and Mandy - and would of liked to have seen more of them in this book. Also although it might of darkened the mood of the book - it would have been nice to delve more into Malcolm's background - but then again - the character is quite taciturn and the book is written from Tara pov. (Lindsay does great job of changing POV in EE, so I think I kind of missed this a little here).

Anyhoo - like I said previously, I'm not a contemporary reader - but this was such a fun read with loveable characters and a hunky fireman - so what was not to love! So in sum, I really enjoyed this book :)

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