Since her mother died, things have been difficult for Avry Wilson– her brother has run away, she lives with her bachelor uncle and she is constantly plagued by the voices of the dead. Yet for the past six years, she’s kept the voices at bay and managed to live a relatively ‘normal’ existence in the city of Evergreen, where murder and crime are part of everyday life.
But when three girls go missing from her school, and an extra voice starts to disrupt her life, Avry finds she can no longer hide from her ‘gift’. With the help of Darren, the disembodied voice of a comatose patient and brother to one of the missing girls, Avry must finally confront her own fears about her gift and help find Darren's sister. But when Avry finally gets to the truth , she finds that the culprit is someone close to her – someone she cares about. And soon Avry must decide which life to save –an innocent stranger or a guilty loved one.

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