Friday, May 21, 2010

First Rejection . . .

I got my first rejection today.

It was for a poem I submitted to an e-zine.

Is this the part where I tear my clothing and rub gravel through my hair and send a threatening rejection of the rejection letter back to the editor???


Personally, I think that would take too much effort.

Eating chocolate is just so much more of a simpler and pleasant way of 'being upset', don't you think?

Then again, come back and see how I react after I've been rejected for the 100th time and we shall see how 'calm' i'll be ;)

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

#14 - Fame - Irish Style

Date: 16/05/2010

It's funny, when I made my '203 things to do before i kick it' list, I thought of it as more of piece of procrastination rather than something to take in anyway seriously.

At first, it was more of a happy coincidence when I got to check something off my list, I headed off to Poland for a conference. Poland was on my list. Visit Poland - Check!
Entered a competition. Got a voucher. Win competition - Check!

The process was entirely passive. . .

Lately though I've been using every chance to check things off it, (and even refer to it in public with my 'ladies who lunch' friends) and the repercussions of checking off these things is actually so surprising!! I had never anticipated the ripple effect.

Today, without realising it, I crossed another thing off my list.

Fame, is an Irish reality show, where men/women are competing for the male/female lead in Fame, the Musical. The voting is done by the public and the guy and girl with the lowest votes have a sing off where the judges decide whose to survive for the next week. . .

Rewind back to a few days ago, I'm sitting in my wonderful appartmento 'working', when I get an email about a special offer for tickets - considering the Helix is in spitting distance, I thought that it must be a sign from the Divine (or spamland), so upon discussing it with the Ladies - myself, SC and SC's boyfriend, the accountant (I feel it's important to take note of that), go wild and decide to attend the show.

Fast forward to the more present past . . .

Upon entering the Helix, it think realisation hit us as to why the tickets were so reasonable. . . I think a creche would have had less children on its premises than the amount of kids running about the Helix, but sure being childlike myself, I took it in my stride and we headed on up to the rafters for our cheap seats.

I have to say it was a fascinating experience - not because of the show though, but the going ons behind it. I couldn't take my eyes off the camera crew, who were running around the stage like bunnies on crack. . . with each turn of their scripts - more bounding across the stage with cameras on shoulders and more angle flicking from camera 1 to 3 to 5 back to 1 then 4! It's really impressive! Although I think the kiddies surrounding me weren't too impressed when I wasn't hollering for such a one or whoever was singing at the time. . .

*wipes eye*

To me, those camera men are truly the stars


Anyhoo more to the point, SC was kind enough to remind me that Fame was indeed a live show and we were (although as far away as we were) part of the audience.

Therefore a + b = C

#14 Be Part of a live audience

Friday, May 14, 2010

Time for a face lift. . .

It's been over a month since my last post, and many of you probably notice things have changed a bit?

Well, I decided my little blog needed a makeover both in appearance and in content. . .

Well, the changes you notice (blog design) at the moment are only temporary - soon I'm hoping to get some professional nip and tucking done for this blog!

I was going to do a big post yapping on about how I came to the realisation that my blog has the stability of a manic Yorkshire terrier with size issues but that would be 'telling instead of showing'.

For the past couple of months, I've been pondering about this blog, and its purpose. I started this blog to build a platform/network under the pen name Emily Cross, but beyond that I don't think I've placed much thought into the content of my posts - which i'm sure people can agree ranges from personal to things about writing to Glee videos.

Like me, this blog is all over the shop, no focus but I don't want it to be boring either (if it hasn't already?). . .

So, I'm hoping to insert a bit more of my personality into the blog, a bit more useful content (might as well put some of that psych stuff to use) and lots more pwetty pictures :)

Also I've crossed off some more stuff off the '203 things before i kick it' list - so i'll be post about that stuff too. . .

I've travelled all day and am all contaminating with recycled airplane air. . .

Thus, I leave you with this. . .

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